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Monday, August 3, 2009

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Hated & Despised, Insurance Companies Still Play a Role in Healthcare Reform

Even as they’re almost universally hated, every American with health coverage must rely on insurance companies to receive and pay for the most basic of medical services.  Last week House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Democrats are bracing for “carpet bombing, shock and awe” from insurance companies directed at advocates for health care reform.  Will big insurance companies derail a new national health care program?



Rep from American Association of Health Underwriters



Elizabeth McGlynn, associate director & a principal researcher at RAND Health



2:40 – 3:00

Life Down on the (Illegal) Farm: Growing California’s Biggest Cash Crop

At the root of it growing marijuana for sale on the illegal black market isn’t unlike farming any other major crop—careful attention to your plants and plenty of water, soil and fertilizer.  That’s where the similarities end—keeping your marijuana farm well-hidden, protecting yourself against the possibility of an armed raid on your crops and dealing with the gang-infested world of drug sales means that pot growers are not ordinary farmers.  We talk to the operator of a large marijuana farm about his role in California’s biggest cash crop.



Anonymous marijuana farmer in Northern California


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