Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sheriff Baca criticizes state budget proposal

Sheriff Baca eyes state budget deal with grave concern


(Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department) - Sheriff Lee Baca today sharply criticized the state’s budget deal, saying it may lead to a significant reduction in resources that could put the public’s safety at risk.

The Sheriff also said that if the budget deal goes through as is now, he would most assuredly have to downsize or possibly even eliminate anti-gang programs, community based policing services, and intervention programs, to name just a few.

The Sheriff released the following statement regarding the state budget:

“The Governor and state legislators have taken the budget and turned it into a 4.3 billion-dollar wrecking ball, decimating county and cities’ revenues.

This is a form of revenue robbery and is a new low in state governmental affairs. Most important to remember is this budget is nothing more than fantasy, and does not deserve praise or support from the people of California.

For example – and before stealing from city and county coffers - state legislators should cut programs it funded over the past decade that it knew were unsustainable at the time of approval.

Put simply: California cities and counties did not create this problem, state legislators did. They broke it. They need to fix it.  

Finally, I join with the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in its intent to sue the state if the Legislature moves forward with this illegal maneuver that could destabilize local government for years to come.”




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