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Obesity Study

A new study from the Urban Institute says fighting obesity with lessons learned from anti-tobacco efforts could raise $500 billion by 2019. As with tobacco, enforcing a 10% excise tax on fattening foods, revamping nutrition labels on packages, and limiting advertising and marketing of junk foods could all lower people’s consumption of unhealthy foods and prevent obesity. But will legislators listen?



Stan Dorn, co-author of “Reducing Obesity: Policy Strategies from the Tobacco Wars,” researcher with the Urban Institute




Senator Alex Padilla, CA State Senator; he co-sponsored the menu posting bill for restaurants


2:00 – 2:30

Lowering U.S. Drinking Age

Dr. Morris Chafetz, one of the people instrumental in pushing for laws passed in the 1980s to increase the legal drinking age to 21, now says his actions were “the single most regrettable decision” of his career. We hear his story and the case for lowering the drinking age in the U.S.



Dr. Morris Chafetz (CHAY-fitz), psychiatrist who was on the presidential commission in the 1980s that recommended raising the drinking age to 21; he’s shopping around for publication an editorial he wrote on the topic




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The Caltrans Exit Interview

Will Kepmton, the outgoing director of Caltrans and the soon-to-be CEO of the Orange County Transportation Authority, has been working on California’s overall transportation system long enough to see plenty of ups-and-downs in the state’s fortunes.  Presiding over Caltrans in some of the best and worst budget and economic environments in California’s history, Kempton has started hugely ambitious projects and also been forced to slash new transit work.  What is the future of California’s transportation infrastructure?



Will Kempton, outgoing director of the California Department of Transportation


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