Tuesday, July 13, 2010

FINAL Actions: JULY 13 2010 AGENDA HIGHLIGHTS --Board is in closed session


                           Board of Supervisors, County of Los Angeles  


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        July 13, 2010


Final: July 13 Agenda Highlights

(Unless otherwise noted, vote was 5-0.) 


Rancho Los Amigos’ Renegades varsity wheelchair basketball team honored as the West Coast Conference Champions, ranked second in the nation. 


$402,000 proposal would fund architectural contract for Whittier Area Recreation and Family Services Center project.  (Item 1-D) APPROVED


$132,000 proposal would provide recreational services for 100 youth at housing development in East Los Angeles.  (Item 3-D, 1-H) APPROVED


Recommendation calls for spending $832,000 to construct gym and community building at El Cariso Park. (Items 1-P, 33) APPROVED


Supervisors Gloria Molina and Mark Ridley-Thomas request plan to add 150 medical/surgical beds at LAC+USC Medical Center if health care reform fails to significantly reduce need for inpatient beds.   (Item 2) APPROVED 4-1 (ANTONOVICH OPPOSED), WITH AMENDMENT BY KNABE THAT ALL COUNTY HOSPITALS BE INCLUDED IN STUDY


Supervisor Zev Yaroslovsky requests plan to convert urinals and toilets in County facilities to waterless/low-flow fixtures to conserve water.   (Item 5) APPROVED


Proposal by Supervisor Don Knabe requests the Office of Education to initiate a moratorium on  closure of community day schools/independent study schools for at least 30 days, and work to find solutions to keep the alternative school sites open.  (Item 9, cont. from 6/29) APPROVED AS AMENDED BY KNABE THAT MORATORIUM LANGUAGE BE REMOVED, AND INSTEAD TO REQUEST THAT ALL OPTIONS BE EXPLORED TO KEEP THE SITES OPEN, WITH REPORT IN 30 DAYS ON RATIONALE FOR MAKING THE DECISION TO CLOSE THE SCHOOLS IN TWO WEEKS PERIOD


Supervisors asked to approve agreement with Regents of the University of California to open the new Martin Luther King, Jr. Hospital.  (Item 17) APPROVED


$2.6 million proposal would fund electronic document management system at Assessor’s Office to increase efficiency and reduce reliance on paper filing/storage.  (Item 18) APPROVED


Action would deny the construction of 42-foot-high double-faced billboard in West Rancho Dominquez-Victoria area.  (Item 19)    APPROVED


Board asked to approve lease agreement in Marina del Rey.  (Item 24) APPROVED 4-0 ,WITH RIDLEY-THOMAS ABSENT


$100,000 proposal would fund three contracts for economic consulting services for Marina del Rey and County-owned beaches.  (Item 25) KNABE CONT. TO 7/27


Action would reject proposal to build high quality water-oriented commercial/visitor-serving development or mixed use project in Marina del Rey.  (Item 26) APPROVED 4-0, WITH RIDLEY-THOMAS ABSENT


$2.5 million proposal would help fund construction of the new West Hollywood Library in exchange for the city staying with the County library system for minimum five years.  (Item 27) APPROVED


$2.5 million proposal would fund the rehabilitation of the Marina del Rey Tidegate facility to prevent flooding in the Ballona Lagoon/Grand Canal area.  (Item 29) CEO CONT. TO 7/20


Board asked to approve $1.6 million for consultants to assist in implementing DNA testing laboratory at the Coroner’s Department.  (Item 42) APPROVED


Guidelines proposed for consideration of requests from cities that the County provide fire protection and related services.  (Item 43) APPROVED


$300,000 settlement proposed for employee Leamon Scott concerning allegations that he was discriminated against at the Department of Community and Senior Services. (Item 44, cont. from 6/29, 7/6) APPROVED SETTLEMENT; CORRECTIVE ACTION PLAN CONT. TO 8/10


Ordinance would establish development standards for Cerritos Island area.  (Item 52) APPROVED


Supervisors meet in closed session to discuss lawsuit County filed following the Jan. 26, 2005 Metrolink derailment near Glendale. (Item CS-1) 


Supervisors meet in closed session to discuss lawsuit seeking a judicial determination of all rights to pump groundwater from the Antelope Valley Groundwater Basin. (Item CS-2)





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