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Oversight, cover ups, chaos … is the TSA protecting us or themselves? 

With all the TSA rules and regulations, from removing your shoes to no liquids over 3 ounces, it becomes extremely annoying to go through all these shoots and ladders when you’re late for your flight.  But you feel safer, don’t you?  All of these rules were made by the government agency to help keep you and the country safe… right?  That’s what Fred Gevalt, former publisher of The Air Charter Guide, asks in the new documentary “Please Remove Your Shoes.”  After the September 11th attacks, the Transportation Security Administration (better known as TSA) manifested out of the fear of unsafe skies and aimed at protecting people on airplanes and across the U.S.  In 2006, Gevalt set out to uncover the dark secrets of the TSA, talking with former air marshals, reporters and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) security agents.  His findings would trouble any frequent flier: oversights and abuses of power, subsequent cover ups and no one monitoring our ‘protectors.’  Is the TSA really this tainted agency or are they really protecting us?



Fred Gevalt, Executive Producer of Please Remove Your Shoes 




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What did $787 billion get us?  One very shaky economy and a whole lot of uncertainty

Believe it or not, most of the $787 billion in stimulus money passed by Congress and signed by the President about a year-and-a-half ago has all been spent.  From investment in infrastructure to technology, education, tax breaks and more, the stimulus seems to have done its job—prop up the U.S. economy while we rode out the financial meltdown, the crash of the housing market and the resulting recession.  But now the stimulus party is over, and if you’ve been following the free-falling stock market for the past two weeks you can almost feel the panic starting to set in.  The end of stimulus spending coincides with governments across the world starting to pull back from the “spend to recover” mentality that took over at the end of 2008, beginning of 2009—with deficits and debt skyrocketing in government budgets from the U.S. to Greece, politicians are switching to save mode.  Problem is that the American economy might not be ready to stand on its own two feet.  So if the choice is yours, what do you do—spend, drive up the deficits and prop up the economy, or save and risk a second recession?



Jennifer LaFleur, reporter & statistician for investigative reporting outfit ProPublica


  • Jennifer runs the “Recovery Tracker” project for ProPublica.


David Leonhardt, economics writer for the New York Times; author of “The Economic Scene” column in the Times & contributor to the Economix blog at




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Who’s ready to be Inspired!?

I know exactly what you’re thinking, “When is Al Qaida going to come out with a monthly publication?” Well the wait is over—al Qaida, the world’s most popular terrorist group, has unveiled magazine to tide supporters over in between jihads. The aptly named “Inspire” has all the late-breaking information that an infidel killer couldn’t live without. Wondering who’s dating radical American cleric Anwar al-Awlaki? Well open up the August issue to see this rising star hanging out cave-side in an in-depth interview entitled “May Our Souls be Sacrificed for You,”… You won’t find that in Oprah’s magazine. Wondering what’s happening with Osama bin Laden? Well guess what, they don’t know either. But like every good magazine, it’s all about the bomb making diagrams. In the latest issue of Inspire, they teach all the little ones how to make a simple bomb… in your Mother’s kitchen, this shouldn’t be confused with the New Yorker’s expose on Cougars suffering from PTSD. Get ready to be Inspired, al Qaeda style, coming to a coffee table near you.



Abderrahim Foukara, Washington Bureau Chief, Al Jazeera



Maz Jobrani, touring comedian with the “Axis of Evil” group, TV & film actor & writer




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