Friday, July 16, 2010

Superior Court returns to five-day-a-week schedule

Los Angeles Superior Court

Los Angeles County

Contact: Public Information Office 213-974-5227

Public Information Officer: Allan Parachini



Final Court Staff Furlough on July 21;

Standard Calendar Resumes in August

     The Los Angeles Superior Court returns to its normal five-day-a-week work schedule in August 2010, and Wednesday, July 21, 2010, is its last planned staff furlough day.  Since instituting staff furloughs in July 2009, the Court scheduled 13 days of court closures or staff furlough days.    

     “We did not impose staff furloughs lightly; we knew what a burden they would be. Our Court adopted them as a last resort to save money to avoid additional layoffs,” said Presiding Judge Charles W. McCoy, “and closing our courthouses once a month saved more than $13 million and allowed LASC to preserve more than 200 jobs for another year.” 

      “Although we still face considerable budget uncertainty, and are by no means out of danger of future layoffs, the trial court budget package working its way through the state legislature would allow us to avoid furloughs through the fiscal year that has just begun,”  said McCoy.

      July’s staff furlough day should be calculated as a standard court day.  For purposes of notice and filing deadlines, court staff furlough days are counted as court business days.  Limited Court services will be available on July 21, including:

  • Hearings for felony bench warrants and statutorily mandated hearings;
  • Requests for restraining orders involving stalking, abuse or threats of violence;
  • Filing of documents in a secure drop box (documents filed by 4:30 p.m. will be file-stamped with that date); and
  • Paying fines and fees only via secured drop boxes–no receipts will be given that day.


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