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Friday, July 16, 2010

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The new abortion providers

If the debate over abortions is considered a war, then the soldiers at the frontline are the doctors. Since Roe v. Wade, these doctors have become marginalized and isolated from mainstream medicine, with most abortions taking place in small neighborhood clinics instead of hospitals with greater access. Violence against these doctors has increased since 1973, as exhibited by the murder in 2009 of Dr. George Tiller as he ushered at Sunday services in his church. Abortion advocates are trying to change all this by building residency programs and fellowships at university hospitals, encouraging more and more doctors to bring abortion into their practices and make it part of seamless healthcare for women. Can the new faces of medicine change this trend and bring abortion into mainstream healthcare?  



Emily Bazelon, contributing writer to the New York Times, senior editor at Slate, and the Truman Capote law-and-media fellow at Yale Law School.


  • Ms. Bazelon’s article, “The New Abortion Provider,” is the New York Times Magazine cover story for this Sunday, July 18.




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So nothing’s certain but death and taxes?  Planning ahead for 2010

You’ve lost your job. You don’t have the money to pay the mortgage or rent.  So what now, after you’ve dipped into your savings or IRA or 401(k)s?  Or maybe you still have your job, but are worried about what the future will bring.  Sure, the wealthy elite are worrying about their expiring Bush tax cuts, but what about the rest of us: the middle-class and those living paycheck to paycheck? CPA Selwyn Gerber joins Patt with key planning tips for an economic recession. What is your situation?  What do you want to know?  Call in with your questions or comments!



Selwyn Gerber, economist and investment adviser; founder and managing director of the full-service CPA firm, Gerber & Co., Inc.

CALL HIM:  310.432.4382 Direct



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Gazing at the stars with a WISE, infrared light

We can see millions of stars with the naked eye, and even more with a telescope.  But even NASA telescopes haven’t discovered everything in our universe, until now.  With a mission to scan the entire sky, the Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer, also known as WISE has revealed many never before seen asteroids, comets and other space objects.  WISE has just completed its first sky survey, generating over 1 million infrared pictures of stunning stars and galaxies and unveiling intricate information about the space around us.  WISE is an absolute dream for astronomers and star gazers alike, but what about the newly discovered, near-Earth asteroids?  Are we in for an “Armageddon” style showdown?  Star gazing will never be the same.



Amy Mainzer, WISE Deputy Project Scientist and research scientist at JPL





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“Simpson’s” writer Larry Doyle on his new book “Go, Mutants!”

Larry Doyle understands what you want. He hears you. The former writer/producer of “The Simpsons” and frequent contributor to the New Yorker has been satiating the mainstream’s humor appetite for years now, and in the process, his first novel I Love You, Beth Cooper won the Thurber Prize for American Humor.  Now he’s back, this time with a new novel about two things that everyone loves: B-movie iconography and Cold War politics.  It’s about time, right?! Doyle’s new genre-bending story takes readers to an alternative world where earth has been colonized by assorted aliens and mutants. This is a hilarious, mind-bending tale based in a universe where JFK and Marilyn Monroe run for president against Ronald Regan and Phyllis Schafly.  Larry Doyle has created a world different than ours, all the while showcasing the same angst that all of us normal, John Hughes-loving humans display. If you’re not interested after reading all of that, maybe you’re just not meant for this world.



Larry Doyle, born on planet earth and author of the novel “I Love You, Beth Cooper,” Doyle is also a former writer/producer of “The Simpsons” and frequent contributor to the New Yorker magazine. His latest book is “Go, Mutants!”




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