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Thanksgiving travelers call it a turkey – carving to the truth of the TSA body scanning madness

Despite the fact that only 69 of the United States’ 450 airports actually have the controversial advanced imaging security scanners, thousands of ticked off, ticket-holding, Thanksgiving travelers are planning on opting-out of getting their back (and front) side scanned this holiday eve. It seems that each year as travel picks up so does the attention paid to the TSA and threat of travel-targeted terrorist attacks. The ACLU has received more than 600 complaints in the last three weeks from individuals about the pat down procedures they were subjected to either because they opted out of going through the scanner or because they set off an alarm while in it. More than 4 million passengers travel through LAX in a given month. Are the cases being reported merely extreme examples or examples of unacceptable and extreme violation?



Brian Michael Jenkins, Senior Advisor to the President at the RAND Corporation and author of Will Terrorists Go Nuclear




1:41 – 1:58:30

Dear Mrs. Fitzsimmons:  Tales of redemption from an Irish mailbox

It’s probably happened to many people with hyperactive mothers—you’re reorganizing the attic, moving houses or just poking around through old stuff and you come across a box full of letters, ticket stubs and other keepsakes collected over the years commemorating the good, bad and ugly of you life.  Comedian Greg Fitzsimmons came across just such a box, or boxes in his case, that contained disciplinary letters, incident reports and newspaper clippings that his parents received from teachers & school officials.  In his book “Dear Mrs. Fitzsimmons” Greg picks up where his parents left off with his own collection of letters received during college and throughout his career.  Just in time for Thanksgiving, where the best and worst of childhood memories are dragged across the dinner table, Greg & his mother share the trials and tribulations of being in a family without losing your sanity.



Greg Fitzsimmons, comedian, writer, actor, radio host and author of “Dear Mrs. Fitzsimmons:  Tales of redemption from an Irish mailbox”



Mrs. Fitzsimmons, Greg’s mom




2:06 – 2:19

Put DOWN the carving knife and step AWAY from the turkey! Families have it out around the Thanksgiving table…

It all sounds so perfect, doesn’t it? Family and friends gathered around the hearth, a delicious meal on the groaning board, and a long, long day ahead in which to share quality time with those you love. But wait, what’s that we hear?  Uncle Jack is arguing with brother Bob over the TV remote, Aunt Maggie is in the kitchen insisting Mom’s gravy needs just a touch more salt, brother-in-law Joe’s sneaking shots in the pantry --  the whole happy scene is falling apart right in front of our eyes. Sound familiar?  Well, it’s all too common and can be avoided.  We ask the expert and hear your stories – Thanksgiving CAN be saved, with a little help from our friends. 



Diana Mercer, Attorney-mediator at Peace Talks Mediation Services. Her new book, Making Divorce Work: 8 Essential Keys to Resolving Conflict and Rebuilding Your Life, is out December 7.




2:21 – 2:58:30

Turkey Talk—Thanksgiving on a budget, with Vegans, Fregans and deep fryers!

Whether you don't know where the giblets are on your first turkey or you're deep into molecular gastro-cuisine, we can help! Chef and restaurant owner Susan Feniger and food writer Regina Schrambling join Patt to field your questions, basic and advanced, about Turkey and all its traditional and not-so-traditional trappings.  The experts offer up some recipes of their own for those headed out to the grocery store and on a tighter budget than last year.  Find out how to feed people for $10 per head, when to go canned or frozen when you can’t go fresh and why Thanksgiving is the most hated holiday among food writers.  Share your traditions for this uniquely American holiday—give us a call or check out the live Facebook chat.




Susan Feniger, Chef and co-owner with Mary Sue Milliken of Border Grill, Ciudad and Street restaurants.



·         Thanksgiving leftovers to make: Turkey Tacos with honey lime yams and cranberry salsa, something they’ll be serving up on the Border Grill Truck as a special throughout the holiday season


Regina Schrambling, food writer known for her blog www.gastropoda.com . Her writing has appeared in Epicurious,




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