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About last night…

Not sure what happened last night? Did you wake up scratching your head wondering who controls the Senate? Try answering these true or false questions. True or False? Republicans picked up the 10 seats they needed to win back majority in the Senate. True or False? Voter turnout among minority and youth voters was grossly underestimated. True or False? The Tea Party was all bark and no bite when it came winning the seats they were after. True or False? Four billion dollars was spent on elections this year. True or False? You can now light up a joint while driving a school bus full of children. We look at the results and check your answers.






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ONLY 733 DAYS UNTIL ELECTION 2012!!!! – What, too soon?

Despite the fact that your “I voted” sticker is still attached to your coat, strategists, pundits, politicians, analysts and the like are already focused on the next election. What will the results of last night’s races mean for the next push for the presidency? Will it be Palin or Pawlenty, perhaps even Petraeus or Pence heading the ticket for the Republican Party? Will Democrats be able to quilt a cohesive message highlighting their strengths before facing an up hill battle on Capitol Hill? Now that the votes have been cast we cast a light on what is next.



Chris Lehane, democratic political consultant and partner in the strategic communications firm Fabiani & Lehane



Republican Strategist




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Jack hurts more than crack: is alcohol more damaging than crack cocaine?

Shocking but apparently true, according to a new study conducted by a panel of health experts at the Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs.  The study compared a number of factors including psychological and social problems associated with various forms of drug use and determined that alcohol produced the most damaging effects on the individual and society overall.  The study begs the question, why is alcohol legal while more benign drugs like marijuana are not?  One of the lead researchers noted, “This reflects a societal approach which does not adequately balance the relative risks of drugs against their harms.”  The same researcher said riding a horse was more dangerous than the drug ecstasy (he later apologized for the statement).  So, would we be better off dropping E instead of slamming shots? 




David Nutt, researcher and co-author of the study, Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs

Dr. Petros Livados, director of the Addiction Institute of New York at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital

Dr. Jeffrey Parsons, chair of the psychology department at Hunter College




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Change in the churches—the female head of the American Episcopal Church

In 2006, amid much fanfare and controversy, Katharine Jefferts Schori became the first woman elected as head of the American Episcopal Church.  Since her rise as the Presiding Bishop, charged with speaking God’s word to the Church and to the world, more pressing social justice issues of poverty and hunger, intensified by a ruthless recession, have eclipsed almost all controversy over her gender.  During her first years as Bishop the denomination ordained its first openly gay bishop, a diocese seceded in response to his ordination; and domestic poverty surged.  To many Anglican leaders, Jefferts Schori represents all that is wrong with the Episcopal church in America; they see her endorsement of a gay bishop as akin to heresy and her interpretation of the Bible as too liberal.  Patt talks with the presiding bishop about her career, the role of the Episcopal Church in today’s society and in debates over issues like climate change and gay marriage.



Katharine Jefferts Schori, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church; she was formerly the Episcopal Diocese of Nevada. She received a degree in marine biology from Stanford and a doctorate degree in oceanography at Oregon State University.



  • On Monday (11/1) the Presiding Bishop met with President Obama
  • The Presiding Bishop spoke last week at the Women’s Conference on a panel titled "It's Time to Talk to Women Who Know First Hand What it Takes to Lead," along with Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz, the president of Disney/ABC Television Group Anne Sweeney; and former Xerox Corporation chairman and CEO Anne Mulcahy.  The panelists will address the qualities of successful leadership of courage, vision, strength, empowerment, and how women are different kinds of leaders.
  • she serves as Chief Pastor and Primate to The Episcopal Church’s 2.1 million members in 16 countries and 110 dioceses
  • Bishop Jefferts Schori and her husband, Richard Miles Schori, a retired mathematician (topologist), were married in 1979. They have one daughter, who is a captain (pilot) in the U.S. Air Force.




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