Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Statement by Gloria Molina on $10 Billion Medicaid Waiver Deal




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LOS ANGELES (November 3, 2010)—Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Chair Gloria Molina released the following statement today in response to federal approval of a $10 billion Medicaid waiver deal for California.

"Today’s waiver deal is encouraging and exciting news, especially for those of us eager to implement national health care reform.  This waiver is truly a bridge to that reform.  Because of this waiver, we can now expand Medi-Cal coverage to low-income adults, better manage the complex health care needs of seniors and persons with disabilities, and we can begin some of the necessary infrastructure and quality improvements that we have needed for a long time.  Most importantly, with this waiver, we have the opportunity to transition our system into one that increases people’s access to primary care services. 


“This waiver is the result of over a year of complex and very difficult negotiations between the leaders of our Los Angeles County Health Services Department, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the state Department of Health Care Services, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and our legislative allies in Washington, D.C. and Sacramento.  But the vision for this waiver ultimately lies with President Barack Obama, who made good on his promise to deliver health care reform to America and to work hand-in-hand with individual states as we transition to national health care reform.


“Today’s waiver is an opportunity for the County of Los Angeles to change our health care system into one that functions better and is easier for our patients.  I hope we take advantage of this opportunity, and I commend our health care and legislative leaders for supporting these efforts. The tough work of taking this huge opportunity and turning it into reality for our patients begins now.”




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