Thursday, November 5, 2009

Couple to lose home because of home modification loan scam -- she has MS; he had brain surgery

Forwarding this to you since Ms. Mackey is seeking media attention.  This is a South Gate incident, involving home modification loan scam. The couple are to be evicted on Sunday. The woman has cerebral palsy/breast cancer; the man had brain surgery. --Judy


From: []
Sent: Wednesday, November 04, 2009 5:21 PM
Subject: Need your help---911---------Spread the Word----------Need Media attention



Dear Friends, Please help me spread the word -----My friend and first student needs your help ASAP


 Dear Sheriff Baca


You've always been a dear friend who truly cares about everyone in need. I need your help ASAP for a dear friend, someone I consider my adopted daughter and one of Operation Confidence's first students, Anna Casa.   


 Operation Confidence first got its start at Widney High School in 1980, where Anna (seen standing) was a student. .


Anna (standing) and our group at Widney High School----me on the far left  



 Anna and her family has lived in her grandparents house in South Gate, CA. since she was 14 years old,now 47. She's married with 2 beautiful able bodied children, 18 and 15 and has a wonderful husband, James.  Anna born with cerebral palsy was diagnosed last January with breast cancer and had to have one breast removed in April 2009, after receiving months of Kymo.  


 She inherited  the house after the grandparents died and continued to pay the mortgage. After realizing she would need additional home care after surgery she asked her husband to take a leave of absence from work and signed up for one of those home modification loan with  Apollo Funding and paid $, 2, 500 up front. They had her to do all transactions over the phone, mail and by fax.


After not receiving word from Apollo Funding about the loan they soon found they had been scammed and defrauded. See link .....


While this was going on James became disoriented, confused with head, back and leg pains and doctors discovered he had some type of sis near his brain that should be removed.


On July 18, 2009, Anna and James received an eviction notice to vacate the property in about 4 months. They hired 2 separate lawyers who also took  money, about $ 2,000 each, to no avail. On October 9, 2009, Anna and James went to Huntington Park Court before Judge Jaime Corral  who gave them 3 weeks to vacate the property. They have no money to even rent an apartment and no place to go.


On October 30, 2009, they rushed to file bankruptcy after being advised by another  Attorney that this would stop the process and buy them some time, since Anna still has doctors appointments and kids in school. 


They just received notice today, they have until Nov. 7th (Sunday) to GET OUT or  be put into the streets by the Sheriff Department. Your name ( I know that's formality) was signed at the bottom of the document.


Case Number, 09U01073

8968 San Juan Ave.

South Gate, CA. 90280


Please help my child. I did not have anyone else to call on. See photos below  


Anna and James phone number is 323. 566.1824.





Anna and team member Reggie with Eunice Kennedy Shriver after Operation Confidence's performance in Washington D.C invited by the late President Ronald Reagan.   





 Anna today 







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