Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Final Actions: Dec 8 2009 AGENDA HIGHLIGHTS


                           Board of Supervisors, County of Los Angeles  


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        Dec. 8, 2009


Final Results: Dec. 8 Agenda Highlights

(Unless otherwise noted, vote was 5-0.) 


Topanga residents Karl Tso and Deborah Ava honored for heroic efforts in helping to rescue severely injured hiker on Catalina Island.


Supervisor Gloria Molina assumes chairmanship of Board and new chair pro tem elected.  (S-1, 9:30 a.m.)  ANTONOVICH SELECTED CHAIR PRO TEM


Report to be given on issues relating to transition to new LAC+USC Medical Center.  (Item S-2, 11 a.m.) RECEIVED AND FILED


$3 million proposal would award contracts for sound insulation improvements for 100 Lennox households within the LAX flight path.  (Item 1-D) APPROVED


$30,000 recommendation would help fund emancipation services program for foster youth.  (Item 2-D) APPROVED


Approval sought to issue $14 million in Public Works Financing Authority bonds to provide short-term financial assistance to the Los Angeles Opera Company.   (Items 1-F, 9) APPROVED 4-1, WITH ANTONOVICH OPPOSED


Recommendation calls for appointing Richard J. Bruckner as the director of planning, at annual salary of $210,000, effective Feb. 1, 2010.  (Item 10) APPROVED


$500,000 proposal would fund additional efforts with Clear Channel Communications for public awareness media campaign in response to pandemic H1N1 threat, raising total budget to $1 million.  (Item 19) RIDLEY-THOMAS CONT. TO 12/15


Board asked to approve lease extension in Marina del Rey allowing for the renovation of the 205-unit Bay Club Apartment complex, and the complete redevelopment of the Marina with 207 slips and 11 ties.  (Item 20) APPROVED


Approval sought to partner with Amigos de Los Rios to develop joint park projects in the Emerald Necklace recreational development plan, a proposed 17-mile loop of parks/greenways along the Rio Hondo and San Gabriel Rivers.   (Item 23, cont. from 12/1) APPROVED WITH MOLINA AMENDMENT DELEGATING AUTHORITY TO PUBLIC WORKS AND PARKS AND RECREATION IN FINDING PROJECTS ARE EXEMPT FROM CALIFORNIA ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY ACT


Action would implement local hiring program that calls for setting 40 percent goal for hiring workforce in construction projects that live within 15 miles of jobsite.  (Item 25) APPROVED WITH KNABE MOTION FOR QUARTERLY REPORTS ON COST OF PROGRAM


Bid opening set for project to improve drainage and install traffic signs on Covina Hills Road in Charter Oak, estimated to cost between $110,000 to $150,000.  (Item 31) APPROVED


Board asked to increase budget to $110 million for new county data center, adding three more departments to the project.  (Item 34)  APPROVED


Changes proposed for Interstate 5/Hasley Canyon Road interchange reconstruction project, increasing costs by $365,040.  (Item 36) APPROVED


Permission sought to apply for $11.1 million grant to fund program to prevent recidivism among adult felon probationers.  (Item 38)  APPROVED


Report scheduled on efforts to reduce legal costs.  (Items 45, cont. from 11/10, 11/17 and 12/1) RECEIVED AND FILED


Board to consider five-year redevelopment/implementation plans for the communities of Whiteside, Willowbrook, West Altadena, East Rancho Dominguez and Maravilla.  (Items 46, 47) APPROVED


Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich proposes $25,000 reward for information leading to arrest and conviction of suspects responsible for assaulting sheriff’s deputy in Canyon Country on Nov. 11.  (Motion introduced at meeting.) APPROVED


Responding to media reports on background investigation inadequacies by temporary agencies providing staff to health care facilities, report asked in two weeks on County’s current practices and requirements.  (Motion introduced at meeting.) APPROVED


Supervisors meet in closed session to consider candidates for county counsel.  (Item CS-1)






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