Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sheriff hosts nation's first detective college graduation ceremony




















On December 10, 2009, at 10:00 am, Sheriff Baca hosted a graduation ceremony for the innovative Detective College at the Sheriff’s Training Academy and Regional Services Center in Whittier, California.  The Detective College, which Sheriff Baca created in November of 2008, is the first of its kind in the nation, providing state-of-the-art training and professional development in the field of law enforcement investigations.


     The Detective College is comprised of four distinct week-long courses of instruction.  These courses are Basic Criminal Investigation, Analytical Interviewing, Detective Concepts-Intermediate, and Detective Concepts-Advanced.  The Detective Concepts courses include classes such as technical surveillance, search warrant service, officer involved shootings, introduction into DNA, and tactics training.  All of these courses have been approved by the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards of Training (POST) and designed to fulfill all the requirements posed by investigative assignments within the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, to include station detective bureaus, Major Crimes Bureau, Homicide Bureau, Commercial Crimes Bureau, Special Victims Bureau, Narcotics Bureau, and more.


     The Detective College provides professional development and the opportunity for personnel to develop knowledge and enhance investigative skills when conducting police investigations.  Each course utilizes past and present law enforcement instructors, investigators, District Attorneys, and academic professors.


     The Sheriff’s Academy Captain Greg Adams was the Master of Ceremonies. Thirty Deputies and Detectives received graduation certificates from Sheriff Lee Baca, Leadership and Training Division Chief Roberta Abner, and Detective Division Chief Willie Miller.                  


    For additional information, please contact Deputy Devon Akita and Deputy Dave Neill at the Advanced Officer Training Unit, (562) 946-7828 or Public Information Officer Nicole Nishida at (323) 810 -1973


Photos available upon request.



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