Friday, April 16, 2010



                           Board of Supervisors, County of Los Angeles  


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Agenda and supporting documents:

Agenda Highlights:                                                       

     April 16, 2010


April 20 Agenda Highlights

(Meeting begins at 9:30 a.m.) 


Metro employees Helen Brandon and Cardell Stewart honored for their heroic actions leading to the rescue and recovery of a 6-year-old girl kidnapped from a Metro bus in downtown Los Angeles.  


Scrolls presented to recipients of County’s Second Annual Green Leadership Awards, which recognize outstanding community energy conservation and environmental efforts.


$750,000 proposal would fund predevelopment costs for Whittier Area Recreation and Family Center Project. (Item 1-D)


Proposal would authorize the use of the Polanco Redevelopment Act to clean up properties in redevelopment project areas that are environmentally contaminated, or suspected of being contaminated.  (Item 2-D)


$84,000 grant would fund the San Gabriel River Bike Trail Gateway Enhancement Project.  (Items 1-P, 28)


Supervisor Gloria Molina requests the approval of a 10-year gratis lease agreement with Momentum LA to operate a biotech incubator pilot in the old General Hospital facility; and a long-term gratis lease agreement with the Los Angeles Community College District to consider establishing a Health Career Academy at the LAC+USC Medical Center complex.   (Items 4, 5)


Supervisors Don Knabe and Zev Yaroslavsky request support for AB 2706, which would allow persons to sue for civil penalties if an act of violence was committed against them because they were homeless.   (Item 12)


$200,000 grant would augment employment services for non-violent felony offenders who are diagnosed with mental illness and a substance abuse disorder.  (Item 15)


$1.3 million proposal would fund purchase of 4.7 acres of land in Acton to construct a fire station.  (Item 17)


Action would allow two West Claremont residents to keep two horses, one llama, one emu, and 15 goats as pets on their property. (Item 20)


Approval sought to declare the results official for the 43rd State Assembly District special primary election held April 13.  (Item 22)


Action would facilitate the transfer of property for construction of new fire station in Santa Clarita.  (Item 33)


Board asked to approve plans for $336,000 project to realign and reconstruct deteriorated segments of the San Gabriel River Bicycle Trail in Cerritos and Lakewood, and approve $2.43 million budget for two remaining phases.  (Item 39) 


$1.2 million proposal would fund three conversion technology demonstration projects in effort to develop solid waste alternatives to landfills.  (Item 44)


Donation of equipment valued at $134,358 from Dr. Richard Schultze would enhance the Sheriff’s Department’s ability to respond to tactical operations.  (Item 56)


Board asked to approve $275,000 settlement in lawsuit concerning allegations of sexual assault by a sheriff’s deputy. (Item 58)


Report scheduled on sponsorship fundraising efforts by the Arts Commission for the Los Angeles County Holiday Celebration.  (Item 62)


Board asked to adopt 2010-11 proposed budget and set May 12 for public hearing.  (Item 63)





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