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Dispute Resolution Program Recognized


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Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to Declare April 25 through 30, 2010  “Mediation Week”


What:           Los Angeles, CA (April 27, 2010)— Los Angeles County Supervisor Gloria Molina (1st District), Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, will pay tribute to Cynthia D. Banks, Director, Community and Senior Services (CSS), for the outstanding work of the Dispute Resolution Program (DRP) throughout the County of Los Angeles. Last year, DRP was responsible for assisting more than 49,000 residents, businesses, and organizations involved in disputes, bringing resolution to 6,600 disputes outside the traditional court system, and recognizing the 2010 Mediation Week honorees who will receive Outstanding Youth Volunteer, Adult Volunteer, Case and Project Awards.  This year’s awardees are as follows:

·         Sandra Cervantes, Outstanding Youth Award, Inglewood High School, Centinela Youth Services (CYS), Inc.

·          Nikki Tolt,  William C. Hobbs - Outstanding Adult Volunteer Award, Los Angeles Superior Court of the County of Los Angeles, Alternative Dispute Resolution Program

·         Philip ThomasWilliam C. Hobbs Award – Outstanding Adult Volunteer Award, Office of the Los Angeles City Attorney Dispute Resolution Program

·         The Institute for Non-Violence in Los Angeles – Outstanding Project Award. Los Angeles City Attorney Dispute Resolution Program

·         The Family Business and City Lease Dispute – Outstanding Case Award, Los Angeles City Attorney, Dispute Resolution Program



Who:            Supervisor Gloria Molina and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

Why:            To honor the outstanding work of the Dispute Resolution Program in Los Angeles County that is saving taxpayers’ money by providing an alternative to expensive court proceedings to resolve disputes.


When:           (8:30 a.m. Mediation Week Awards to Honorees)*

9:30 am Tuesday, April 27, 2010 – Mediation Week Scroll Presentation


Where:          Board of Supervisors Hearing Room 381 B

                   Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration

                   500 W. Temple Street

                   Los Angeles, CA  90012


*ATTENTION EDITORS: Opportunities for photos/b-roll of the Mediation Week Award presentation ceremony will take place immediately before the Board of Supervisors meeting at 8:30 a.m.  500 W. Temple Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012, Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration, 8th floor Conference Room 864.  Contact Patricia Senette-Holt at (213) 738-2065.



More About the Dispute Resolution Program (DRP)


One of the more innovative programs offered by CSS is the highly acclaimed Dispute Resolution Program (DRP) that utilizes mediation services as an alternative to formal court proceedings.  Funded by an $8 fee on first-time civil filings, the program serves almost 50,000 clients annually thereby creating a cost avoidance if civil proceedings had been held in court.  Examples of disputes eligible for mediation services include business, consumer-merchant, landlord-tenant, neighbor-neighbor, youth-schools and personal injury property damage.  Services are provided by 13 contracted agencies that meet California statutory requirements in the fields of conciliation, mediation, arbitration and group facilitation. The vast majority of referrals come from the Courts or Prosecutors’ offices, though individual and other agency referrals occur as well.


For more information concerning the Los Angeles County Dispute Resolution Program and “Mediation Week,” contact Nusun Muhammad at (213) 738-2621.


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