Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Final Results: APRIL 27 2010 AGENDA HIGHLIGHTS -- Board is taking public comment


                           Board of Supervisors, County of Los Angeles  


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     April 27, 2010


Final Results: April 27 Agenda Highlights

(Unless otherwise noted, vote was 5-0.) 


Department of Public Works employees and the California Association of Professional Employees Dragon Boat Racing Team honored for their outstanding achievements in representing the County.


Palos Verdes High School girls water polo team recognized for winning the California Interscholastic Federation Southern Section Division II Championship.


$600,000 proposal would cover operating costs for the Business Technology Center in West Altadena and fund process to select vendor to perform outreach/design/construction of façade renovation of storefronts for Fair Oaks project in Altadena.  (Item 1-D) APPROVED


Board asked to spend $7.5 million to purchase office building and land in Baldwin Park that County now leases for the Department of Public Health.  (Item 1) APPROVED


Approval sought to raise registration fees from $25 to $50 for legal services provided by the Public Defender, Alternate Public Defender or other court-appointed counsel. (Item 4) APPROVED


Proposal would extend dates of redevelopment projects in Maravilla, Willowbrook, East Rancho Dominguez and West Altadena as a result of loss of revenue to the state.  (Item 5) APPROVED


Supervisors asked to revise/implement new fees charged by the Department of Regional Planning for development projects.  (Item 6) CONT. TO 5/25 WITH REPORT ON FEE INCREASES, INCLUDING COMPREHENSIVE ANALYSIS JUSTIFYING INCREASES


Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas requests feasibility study on establishing an interagency information sharing system to better protect children in County care.  (Item 9, cont. from 4/13) APPROVED AS REVISED BY RIDLEY-THOMAS


$420,000 proposal would fund exercise stations and walking trail at Kenneth Hahn State Park. (Item 20) APPROVED


Recommendation calls for County to become part of governing body of a countywide health information network being created to enable cost effective and secure exchange of patient medical records among public/private health providers.  (Item 25) APPROVED AS MOVED BY RIDLEY-THOMAS, AND AMENDED BY YAROSLAVSKY NOT TO ALLOW ACCESS TO COUNTY DATA FOR PROFIT  


Study asked on establishing a mechanism to alert departments of all poorly performing contractors.  (Item 26-C) APPROVED AS AMENDED BY KNABE AND YAROSLAVSKY FOR CERTAIN INFORMATION TO BE INCLUDED IN REPORT


Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich proposes community outreach activities to encourage residents to promote healthy lifestyle for their pets.  (Item 26-E)  APPROVED


$2.1 million donation would allow improvements of garage at Descanso Gardens to display art; $500,000 grant would allow improvements at the gardens to conserve water, energy and solid waste.  (Items 26-F, 26-G) APPROVED


Supervisors meet in closed session to discuss lawsuit arising from allegations of civil rights violations by employees of the Sheriff’s Department.   (Item CS-1)


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