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SCOTUS hears case on SWAT Sgt. caught sexting

Does an employee have any right to privacy when sending personal messages on employer issued devices? That is the question being argued before the Supreme Court in City of Ontario (CA) v. Quon. Sgt. Jeff Quon used the pager issued to him by the Ontario police department to send risqué messages to both his girlfriend and his wife believing that the messages were private because he was told by a supervisor that he could use the pager in his own time if agreed to foot the bill for the extra service. Quon won the case in the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of appeals two years ago when it ruled that his 4th Amendment right had been violated. If the argument doesn’t hold up in the Supreme Court the decision could have national affects. Does one deserve privacy simply because there is an expectation of privacy? Now take a second and think about what is in your in-box…




Peter Bibring, staff attorney for the ACLU of Southern California; filed an amicus brief on behalf of Sgt. Quon




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Ian McEwan goes “Solar”

Novelist Ian McEwan likes to tell tales of disturbed and disturbing personalities and events.  The main character in his new novel, “Solar,” fills that bill and then some. Through Michael Beard, the best-selling author of “Atonement” explores the quest of one overweight and philandering Nobel prize-winning physicist to save the world from environmental disaster.  McEwan uses the comical portrayal of an accomplished and vice-ridden scientist as a metaphor for how difficult it is for lazy, self-centered human beings to change their behavior to reverse global warming.  Inspired by a trip to the Arctic, geared at getting artists and scientists to think about climate change, McEwan offers up this meditation on global warming and social contract in total collapse.  In the hands of McEwan, the result is a comedy of human nature rather than a preachy diatribe.



Ian McEwan, bestselling author of thirteen books, including the novels “On Chesil Beach,” “Saturday,” and “Atonement.” He is winner of the National Books Critics Circle Award, the W.H. Smith Literary Award, the Booker Prize and the Somerset Maugham Award. His latest book is “Solar”




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Money, money, money: Democrats push for campaign finance regulations

Democrats in Congress are firing back at the recent Supreme Court decision which all but decimated campaign finance laws. They are barreling ahead with plans to require companies/unions/groups to disclose exactly how much money they contribute to political campaigns.  Leaders in both houses say they will push forward with legislation with, or without, bipartisan support, although they are working hard to get it.  Will Republicans go along and how does big business feel about the proposed legislation?  Patt finds out and it won’t cost you a thing.



Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Maryland’s 8th District); Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee



  • Van Hollen is leading efforts to push through campaign finance reform legislation in the House.
  • Van Hollen also serves on the House Ways & Means Committee and the House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform.




Charles E. Schumer, Senator  (D-NY)

US Chamber of Commerce




2:30 – 2:58:30

The Death of American Virtue

Remember how pleasant the ‘90s were? Where our biggest worry as a nation was if our president was faithful to his wife or not. The good ole days… Well if you having trouble reminiscing, Ken Gormley can lend a hand. In his new, extensive, re-telling of the battle that captivated the political landscape of our country, the battle that almost destroyed Clinton’s presidency, and fueled Bush in 2000. With new revelations that were spurred through interviews with President Clinton, Kenneth Starr, Monica Lewinsky and many other important figures in the ensemble, Mr. Gormley discovers new facts that would have made headlines on both sides of the aisle. Patt will be speaking with Ken Cormley to discuss his book and see if America’s virtue is still on life support.



Ken Gormley is the professor at Duquesne University Law School and author of THE DEATH OF AMERICAN VIRTUE: Clinton vs. Starr.




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