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Mental Health Conference Scheduled for Thursday and Friday (15th and 16th)

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LOS ANGELES (Monday, April 12, 2010)—The Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health Empowerment and Advocacy Division will host the 2010 California Mental Health Advocacy Conference on Thursday and Friday, April 15 & 16,at the Wilshire Grand Hotel, 930 Wilshire Boulevard.


The 2010 Mental Health Advocacy Conference is a two-day event designed to challenge stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness and is a forum for learning, sharing and building strategies to eliminate stigma and discrimination while promoting dignity for clients and family members.


National experts will inform attendees with leading research and nuanced discussion on the shape of stigma and how to challenge it in diverse communities.  Legal experts and public health attorneys will contribute understanding of the interface of civil protections and discrimination.  Workshops will empower participants with hands-on skills and tools for confronting stigma and reducing discrimination in areas of housing, employment, relationships and other important domains of living, developing and embracing a human dignity and social justice agenda to support the wellness of all individuals.


Featured Presenters include:


·         Mark Ridley-Thomas, Los Angeles County Board Supervisor, District 2

·         Marvin J. Southard, D.S.W., Director, Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health

·         Robin Kay, Ph.D., Chief Deputy Director, Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health

·         Patrick Corrigan, Psy.D., one of the world’s foremost researchers in the area of mental health stigma.

·         Gayathri Ramprasad, M.B.A., President “Mind Beautiful” whose personal story, energy and courage are challenging stigma and the conspiracy of silence and shame internationally.

·         Father Gregory J. Boyle, S.J. founder of Homeboy Industries, who will share his strategy for outreaching to the underserved and outcast of the inner city.

·         Paolo Del Vecchio, Office of Consumer Affairs, SAMHSA Center for Mental Health Services

·         DeQuincy Levine, Ph.D., Researcher, Author: Eight Stories Up

·         Barbara Margolis & Fred Frese, Ph.D., Fred Friendly Seminars


Over four hundred attendees from across California will participate in learning about stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness from nationally recognized leaders and will share skills and advocacy strategies to advance work that challenges stigma in every community. 


The conference will award citizens of Los Angeles and California communities who have made a difference in peoples’ lives through their efforts to champion mental health causes and recognize the rights and dignity of those affected by mental illnesses.  California First District Assembly Member Wesley Chesbro will be honored.


Robert Gupta and LA Philharmonic colleagues Mitchell Newman, Ingrid Hutman, Daniel Rothmuller and Oscar Meza will perform the Dvorak quintet for conference participants on April 16th. 





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