Thursday, February 26, 2009

Court decentralizes petition to seal juvenile records

Los Angeles Superior Court

Los Angeles County

Contact: Public Information Office 213-974-5227

Public Information Officer: Allan Parachini





February 26, 2009




Pursuant to Welfare and Institutions Code Section 781, “Once a minor has reached the age of 18 years, he may petition the court for sealing of their records, including records of arrest relating to the person’s case, in the custody of the Juvenile Court, probation officer, and any other agency, including law enforcement agencies.” 


Effective March 2, 2009, Petitions to Seal Juvenile Delinquency Court Records will be decentralized and heard at all of the ten juvenile delinquency court locations, i.e., South Central District-Compton, Eastlake Juvenile Court, Inglewood Juvenile Court, Kenyon Juvenile Justice Center, Alfred J. McCourtney Juvenile Justice Center in Lancaster, South District-Long Beach, Los Padrinos Juvenile Court in Downey, Northeast District-Pasadena, East District-Pomona and Sylmar Juvenile Court.  Historically, these petitions have been heard at Eastlake Juvenile Court only.

A petitioner will now have their sealing petition heard at the same court that their delinquency case was last heard. 


A Petition to Seal Juvenile Records may be picked up from and returned to any of the ten juvenile delinquency court locations.  The petition will be forwarded to the appropriate venue if it is returned to a location other than that where the petition will be heard.  The petitioner will receive notice of the hearing date, time, and location. 








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