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Manny Ramirez: Greedy Fool or Crazy Like a Fox?

Yesterday Manny Ramirez, who almost single-handedly propelled the Dodgers into the second round of the playoffs last season, turned down the Dodgers’ latest offer of a $25 million, one year contract.  Manny’s agent, Scott Boras, rejected the Dodgers’ offer because he’s confident there are other teams who will give his client more money for more years, yet no other offers have been made.  With only a few weeks before Spring Training begins and the Dodgers seemingly the only team willing to spend big on Manny, is he being a greedy fool or the ultimate sly negotiator?



Ken Rosenthal, senior baseball writer for FoxSports.com and analyst for MLB on Fox





1:40 – 1:50

Arrivederci Beckham!

For all of his talent and all of his star power, David Beckham’s turn in Hollywood has to be considered a major flop.  In his year-and-a-half playing soccer in Los Angeles he was a mediocre player on a horrible team and had little to show for his time on the L.A. Galaxy in the MLS.  When he was loaned away to AC Milan this past October, some soccer analysts guessed it was the perfect escape for Beckham, and that his stay in Italy would be anything but temporary.  Sure enough, whispers are growing that Beckham intends to stay in the elite Serie A League—will L.A. and American soccer miss him?



Steven Cohen, co-host of World Soccer Daily—heard daily on Sirius Satellite Network and beyond





1:50 -2:00

Phil Jennerjahn: Candidate for Mayor

There are several candidates running for Los Angeles Mayor in the March 3 election, including the incumbent Antonio Villaraigosa. Patt spends a few minutes talking with each of his contenders. Today, Phil Jennerjahn.



Phil Jennerjahn, entertainer and mayoral candidate

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2:00 – 2:30

Republican Warn of Censure for Tax Hikes

The money's just running out. State bonds have been downgraded. People aren't getting tax refunds. The pressure is mounting to get a budget resolved. Southern California Republican Party Vice Chairman Jon Fleischman says, fine, that doesn't mean you get to walk away from your core principles. He says if Republican law makers give in on their promise to hold spending, censure them. But is this the kind of hold-the-line philosophy that can survive in an economic crisis that's resulted in a $40 billion budget hole?



Jon Fleischman, Southern California Vice Chairman of the State GOP

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2:30 – 3:00

I'd Rather We Got Casinos (and Other Black Thoughts)

With explanations for why black weathermen make him happy (or sad), to why "brothas don't see UFO's," or his quest to replace "African American" with "chocolate," comedian Larry Wilmore is here for Black History Month, which, by the way, he thinks should be abolished, because how can  twenty-eight days of trivia really make up for centuries of oppression?? In Wilmore's own words, "I'd rather we got casinos!"  



Larry Wilmore, senior black correspondent to The Daily Show; author of I’d Rather We Got Casinos (and Other Black Thoughts)





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