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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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Zuma Dogg: Candidate for Mayor

There are several candidates running for Los Angeles Mayor in the March 3 election, including the incumbent Antonio Villaraigosa. Patt spends a few minutes talking with each of his contenders. Today, David Saltsburg AKA Zuma Dogg.



David Saltsburg AKA Zuma Dogg, community advocate, economist and mayoral candidate

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Just Flew in From Antarctica and Boy, Are My Arms Tired!

During what has been a comparatively cold winter across the Northern Hemisphere there’s been a lot of conflicting information about the pace, scope and even existence of global warming.  Critics of the global warming theory point to research that shows dramatic gains in the amount of sea ice seen this winter in both the North and South Poles, while climate scientists still say that glaciers at the Poles are melting at alarming rates.  Patt checks in with an oceanographer and climate scientist who has just returned from surveying the ice, weather and animal behavior patterns of Antarctica and delivers his findings to toasty Southern California.



Doug Martinson, senior research scientist at Columbia University’s Division of Ocean & Climate Physics; adjunct professor in Columbia’s Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences


  • Martinson just returned from a seven week research expedition in Antarctica known as the Palmer Antarctica Long-Term Ecological Research Project, which has surveyed a section of the western Antarctic Peninsula each year since 1993.  He served as the expedition’s chief scientist.
  • The peninsula has warmed nearly 11 degrees since 1950, leaving the area with 90 fewer days of sea ice cover compared to 1978.





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Smart Phone Wars

They connect our voices. Our emails. We can use them to play games. Watch TV shows. Listen to music. Take pictures. Even make breakfast. Okay, not make breakfast, but "smart phones" cram more computing power and more options into our hands than anyone ever thought possible. But the phones all offer very different features: I-phone, Blackberry Storm, Palm...what is right for you? And how many different phones can the market support?



David Pogue, Tech Columnist, "The New York Times"

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Bonnie Cha, Senior Editor at CNET...her beat is "smart phones"

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