Tuesday, February 3, 2009

homicides down in Lynwood






         Sheriff Lee Baca commended Lynwood City Block Watch Captains, community leaders, and his deputies from Century Sheriff’s Station for their dramatic success in strengthening public safety in the City of Lynwood.  The most striking achievement was upholding the lowest number of homicides since 1995, along with historic reductions in theft, armed robbery, and every category of assault involving firearms since crime statistics were recorded. 

         This success was attributed to an outstanding partnership between the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the City of Lynwood.  Together, they employed an aggressive public safety strategy based upon intervention, prevention, suppression, and technology.  These deputies targeted the most active gang members responsible for violent crime and firearms related assaults.  Their efforts resulted in the arrest of hundreds of parolees and the seizure of nearly 200 firearms in the City of Lynwood.  “The enforcement strategy for active gang members is simple...zero-tolerance,” stated Century Station Captain James Hellmold.

         The impact on violent crime in Lynwood was successful due to the increase in community involvement, which included youth outreach programs.  Lynwood Block Watch Captains were instrumental in heightening community awareness through crime and quality of life concerns.  The Sheriff’s Department also expanded its youth outreach with programs such as Vital Intervention and Directional Alternatives (VIDA), Sheriff’s Explorers, and a Youth Leadership Course designed to teach responsibility, leadership, and civic involvement.

         In addition, Lynwood included the deployment of an advanced technology known as Advanced Surveillance and Protection (ASAP).  This technology includes video surveillance; acoustic gunshot detection; automatic license plate recognition scanners (ALPR); and “Bluecheck,” the newest mobile device which allows deputies to scan thumbprints to immediately identify subjects.  ASAP technology provides deputies with real-time intelligence to more safely and effectively prevent crime,” said Sheriff Baca.

         The Sheriff’s Department will continue its emphasis on intervention, prevention, suppression, and use of the latest technologies available today.  “Our focus is to strengthen public safety and quality of life in the community,” concluded Sheriff Baca.

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