Monday, February 9, 2009

Injunction against Florencia-13 street gang


Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas

L.A. County Board of Supervisors, 2nd District


February 9, 2009 Contact: James Bolden 213.200.5314




LOS ANGELES COUNTY - Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas today joined Sheriff Lee Baca and members of the Florence-Firestone community to announce the successful culmination of a three-month process to enforce an injunction against the notorious “Florencia-13" (F-13) street gang, responsible for countless murders, assaults, and contributing to a climate of fear in the Florence-Firestone area.


For more than 60 years, F-13 gang members have terrorized residents of the Florence-

Firestone area. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office was instrumental in

documenting a history of the violence and intimidation and obtaining the injunction through the Superior Courts. The injunction legally recognizes F-13 as a criminal street gang and creates a “safety zone” where individuals identified as F-13 gang members will be prohibited from congregating with other known gang members, drinking in public, or engaging in gang activities.


“For those who want out of the gang culture, we have many programs available to assist you in learning occupational skills, becoming further educated, and a number of constructive community activities,” Supervisor Ridley-Thomas stated during the announcement at the Sheriff’s Florence-Firestone Youth Activity League Center. “For those who chose not to take advantage of these available resources, we have something for them as well.”


While pointing out that suppression of gang activity is a necessary approach, Supervisor

Ridley-Thomas emphasized that prevention and intervention efforts are equally critical tools to preventing at-risk youth from seeking affiliation with gangs. The Board of Supervisors has selected the Florence-Firestone area as one of four demonstration sites to be included as part of the County’s comprehensive Gang Reduction Strategy.


“A comprehensive look needs to be taken at how we deal with the issue of at-risk youth and the culture of gang violence that has left many communities virtually paralyzed,” Supervisor Ridley-Thomas said.


Over the past several months, deputies and police officers have worked tirelessly to notify

and serve F-13 gang members to cease and desist any and all activity associated with gangs.


Supervisor Ridley-Thomas acknowledged Sheriff Baca and deputies from Century Station, Operation Safe Streets, and the Community Oriented Policing Services Bureau, who have partnered with District Attorney Steve Cooley and his staff to complete the process of enforcing the injunction. He also expressed appreciation to all the participating County departments, such as Probation, Parks and Recreation and Regional Planning, for their continued work in the Florence-Firestone area.


Supervisor Ridley-Thomas concluded by thanking members of the Florence-Firestone

community who have worked in partnership with the Second District, assuring them today that he is in this effort for the long haul. “We are encouraging you to continue your active role in improving the quality of life here, as it is our collective goal to make this area safer for all.”



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