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Coastal Cleanup Day -- Saturday

Los Angeles County Department of Public Works

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California Coastal Cleanup Day - A Powerful Reminder to Angelenos,
Don't Trash Los Angeles County!


(LOS ANGELES) — The County of Los Angeles (County) is a proud local sponsor of California Coastal Cleanup Day, a community-based cleanup event designed to educate the public about its role in protecting the marine environment in the country.  California Coastal Cleanup Day is organized by Heal the Bay, a nonprofit environmental organization in the County. County residents can show community pride by supporting the 2009 Coastal Cleanup Day event.

At last year's event, more than 12,000 volunteers collected 181,000 pounds of trash and recyclables from County beaches, rivers, and creeks. Cigarette butts and Styrofoam were among the most frequently found items during the cleanups. This year’s event is scheduled on Saturday, September 19, 2009, from 9 a.m. to noon. Cleanup sites are located at 70 inland and coastal locations throughout the County.

"The County is a regional leader in the use of water quality programs and technologies to protect our local waterways," said Gail Farber, Director of County Public Works. "However, the pollution prevention behaviors of the public are essential to keep our waterways free of trash. It's as simple as putting trash where it belongs—in a trash can or recycle bin!"


Each year, the Los Angeles County Flood Control District (District) prevents more than   300 tons of trash from city streets and neighborhoods from reaching the ocean. To accomplish this task, the District and local cities have installed thousands of catch basin screens to protect the storm drain system, as well as a trash boom collection system and trash nets at the river mouths of Ballona Creek and the Los Angeles River.  However, cigarette butts and other litter still make their way into the District's urban river systems and eventually the Pacific Ocean.


Follow these simple steps to prevent stormwater pollution.

ü  Put litter and extinguished cigarette butts in trash cans—not on the street.

ü  Carry a litter-bag in your car or backpack, and remember to use it.

ü  Always pick-up after your pet.

ü  Recycle beverage containers.

ü  Keep your truck bed litter-free and always tie-down your load.

ü  Apply pesticides or fertilizers sparingly and never before it rains.

ü  Recycle used motor oil and oil filters at a designated recycle center.


For information about the County's pollution prevention programs, call 1(888)CLEAN LA or log on to To learn more about the Coastal Cleanup Day event and how you can participate in this event, please visit


About the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works

Public Works' services include road and flood control system maintenance, construction programs, building and safety services, traffic signals, and street signs.  Public Works also oversees public education and information programs designed to reach the 10 million residents of the County of Los Angeles with crucial messages about protecting the environment. These programs are part of a comprehensive effort to help residents understand the impact they have on the environment and the steps they can take to protect and improve it.


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