Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Final Actions: Sept 15 2009 AGENDA HIGHLIGHTS


                           Board of Supervisors, County of Los Angeles  


Contact:  Judy Hammond, Director of Public Affairs, (213) 974-1363

                 Brian Lew, Assistant Director, (213) 974-1652

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Agenda and supporting documents:  http://bos.co.la.ca.us/Categories/Agenda/AgendaHome.asp

Agenda Highlights: http://ceo.lacounty.gov/press.htm                                                       

        Sept. 15, 2009             


Final Results:  Sept. 15 Agenda Highlights

(Unless otherwise indicated, vote was 5-0.) 


Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky presents scroll to Malibu resident and WWII veteran Leon Cooper  for his efforts to preserve the Tarawa battle site in the Pacific, and asks Board support of legislation funding the recovery of the remains of missing Marines  killed in the battle.   (Presentation and Item 4)  APPROVED


Thousand Oaks resident Zac Sunderland honored for sailing around the world at age of 16.


Scroll presented to John Lynn McDonald in recognition of his heroism in rescuing 3-year-old girl from a burning vehicle.


Report scheduled on the financial status of Health Services Department.  (Item S-1, 11:30 a.m.) RECEIVED AND FILED


$803,744 proposal would fund collection of data on individuals/families receiving homelessness prevention and re-housing services. (Item 2-D) APPROVED


Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas recommends that County structure be used for parking for five USC football games, County get half the profit, and revenues be earmarked for capital projects within Exposition Civic Center.  (Item 3) APPROVED


Supervisor Don Knabe requests extension of $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of person(s) responsible for the murder of Sarith Em and Vannaly Tim in Long Beach on Jan. 1.   (Item 5) APPROVED


Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich requests $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of person responsible for assault/rape of a woman in Castaic on Aug. 20.   (Item 8) APPROVED


Support requested for AB 1324, legislation providing authority to counties to release information to credit agencies to help foster youth protect themselves from identity theft. (Item 9) APPROVED


Approval sought to appoint Rosemarie Belda to position of lead attorney, children’s special investigation unit, at annual salary of $193,045, effective Sept. 21.   (Item 10) APPROVED


Proposal calls for increasing medical plan premiums for employees by average of 9.6 – 11.1 percent.  (Item 11)  KNABE CONT. TO 9/22


County would save $2 million by adopting 58 contract extensions for vendors who agreed to reduce their rates during 2009-10.  (Item 12) APPROVED WITH EXCEPTION OF THOSE DEALING WITH REAL ESTATE LEASES, WHICH YAROSLAVSKY CONT. TO 9/22


Board action would deny plan to construct wireless telecommunication facility on CVS Pharmacy roof in View Park area. (Item 15) APPROVED


Acceptance of $688,965 in grants would fund employment-related services/activities for low-income Native American Indian families/individuals, and assist juveniles and young adult offenders to re-enter the workforce.  (Item 17) APPROVED


$1.8 million proposal would assist homeless applicants document their disabilities in order to receive Social Security benefits.  (Item 19) KNABE CONT. TO 9/22


Proposal would allow for refinancing of existing loan as part of lease in Marina del Rey.  (Item 24) APPROVED


Approval sought to issue $8 million in bonds to finance the site acquisition/construction of 62-unit multi-family rental housing development in West Athens/Westmont area.  (Item 25) APPROVED


Proposed ordinance would prohibit smoking at County parks, exempting designated areas at contract-operated facilities.  (Item 30, 48) APPROVED 4-1, WITH KNABE OPPOSED


Recommendation calls for spending $2.4 million to expand Canyon Country Jo Anne Darcy Library in Santa Clarita.  (Item 31) APPROVED


$684,000 proposal would hire consultant to develop master plan for County Waterworks District in Antelope Valley.   (Item 34) APPROVED


Board asked to pay Amer-I-Can Foundation up to $300,000 to continue disturbance mediation training classes in County jails.  (Item 42) APPROVED 4-1, WITH MOLINA OPPOSED


Proposal would allow Sheriff’s Department to provide course and curriculum development of specialized maritime officers training course for the City of Los Angeles’ Harbor Department, at cost to the city up to $500,000.   (Item 43) KNABE CONT. TO 9/22


Report scheduled on action the Board must take to ensure the design of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Multi-Service Ambulatory Care Center is completed in time to fully qualify for federal stimulus funds.  (Item 51) APPROVED MOTION BY RIDLEY-THOMAS TO DEVELOP ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT FOR THE KING MULTI-SERVICE AMBULATORY CARE CENTER REPLACEMENT PROJECT AND MASTER PLAN FOR THE CAMPUS


Status report asked on Probation Department’s efforts in tracking juvenile probationers who have left group homes to which they were assigned without authorization.  Information requested on any possible contact Lazhane S., a child under the jurisdiction of the Department of Children and Family Services, had with the Probation Department or any law enforcement agency before her death. (Motion introduced at Board meeting.)  APPROVED


Public Works Department asked to provide office space in its Alhambra headquarters for a joint public outreach effort to assist the community in recovery and repair efforts relating to the aftermath of the fires. (Motion brought in at meeting.)  APPROVED


Supervisors meet in closed session to consider candidates for the Department of Health Services’ independent review services officer position.  (Item CS-2)






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