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Planting the Secede

Could Texas ever successfully secede from the United States? Would they really want to? Would the Federal government be cutting dead weight or losing the crown jewel? We try and wrap our heads around the sensation of secession suggestion.




Kinky Friedman, singer, songwriter, humorist and politician.  He's a candidate for governor of Texas in 2010.




2:00 – 2:40


Choosing Ones Fires

All things being equal, the older the chaparral, the more intense the fire. So does fighting a fire that’s trying to burn up middle-aged chaparral lead to a bigger fire burning older chaparral? Would it be more effective to let fires burn out on their own and would that ensure fewer monster fires? That’s the crux of a long debate amongst fire authorities. We hear from two very opinionated ones.


Richard Minnich (Minick), professor with the Department of Earth Sciences at UC Riverside


Jon Keeley, research scientist at the US Geological Survey and an adjunct professor with the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at UCLA




2:40 – 3:00

iHate My Slow iPhone

The iPhone wins kudos for its beautiful design, elegant interface, and plethora of easily-available software. But the iPhone’s tempting apps also make it a relentless data hog: iPhone owners have been known to use ten times the network capacity of other smartphone users. In areas where iPhone users are clustered most densely, users are facing dropped calls, slow download speeds, and delayed text and voice messages. AT&T is the only network currently affected, because it holds the U.S. monopoly on iPhones—but as more people use more data, are slow smartphones in everyone’s future?



Kent German, CNET senior editor for cellphones



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