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U.K. & U.S. still BFF? Her Majesty hopes so……..

For what has been the most rock-steady diplomatic relationship on the global scene, the past year has proven to be a little difficult for the United States and the United Kingdom.  Public opinion in the U.K. is starting to turn against the war in Afghanistan, and the British national health care system has been a source of ridicule and disdain as part of the American debate over health care reform.  Is the British-American relationship still a special one?  Patt gets the 411 straight from the British Ambassador.



Sir Nigel Sheinwald, British Ambassador to the United States


  • Sheinwald took up his appointment in October of 2007; for the previous four years he served as Foreign Policy & Defense Adviser to Prime Minister Tony Blair & the head of the Cabinet Office Defense & Overseas Secretariat.



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Ask the General: Advice on Afghanistan, Middle East peace & more

To say that America’s foreign policy has been complicated since 2001 is an understatement, but the U.S. has entered a particularly delicate time in its foreign affairs.  As President Obama weighs sending more troops to Afghanistan; on how to restart stalled peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians; and deliberates on military policy in general, we turn to a proven expert for answers.  Retired Gen. Anthony Zinni, himself now directing a military contractor, plays the role of foreign policy maven for us.



Anthony Zinni, chairman of the board for BAE Systems; former four-star Marine Corps general & Commander in Chief for U.S. Central Command



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The Year of the Flood

"What is happening to our world?  What can we do to reverse the damage?  How long have we got? And, most importantly - what kind of 'we'?  In other words, what kind of people might undertake the challenge?  Dedicated ones - they'd have to be.  And unless you believe our planet is worth saving, why bother?"  That's Margaret Atwood on the ideas that inspired her new novel, "The Year of the Flood," in which she sends up most every facet of 21st century life - politics, religion, science and more.


PATT:  Margaret Atwood is reading from her novel, accompanied by actors and singers, at Royce Hall on Friday, October 9 at 8pm.



Margaret Atwood

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