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Thursday, September 10, 2009

1-3 p.m.



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Majoring in Debt with a Minor in Post-Graduate Hardship—Student Borrowing

Students are borrowing dramatically more to pay for college:  two-thirds of college students borrow to pay for college and their average debt load is $23,186 by the time they graduate.  That debt burden is heavily impacting student’s post-graduate lives, putting off big decisions and purchases like a new home or even a new child.  And at a time when jobs after college are rare commodities, could we be doing more to help students finance their college education?



Mark Kantrowitz, president of MK Consulting Inc. & publisher of the FinAid Page web site


  • Kantrowitz regularly compiles student aid policy analyses for FinAid and has testified before Congress about student aid on several occasions.


Edie Irons, communications director for The Project on Student Debt, part of the Institute for College Access & Success



Representative of Bank of America, TBD



2:00 – 2:40

No Toilet Paper for a Year……Are you Crazy?

Colin Beavan, his wife Michelle, their two year old child and their dog (how did we get dragged into this?) lived for one year in New York City without leaving a carbon footprint.  What was life like without ANY modern conveniences? Well for starters, no a/c in New York in the summertime (What? I’m out!), no take-out food, no dishwasher, and no elevator (they live on the top floor of a nine story building).  Wait…it gets worse, they couldn’t generate any trash (try that with a two-year old), nor could they buy anything new, and their food had to be grown within a 250-mile radius of the city.  Beavan blogged about life “off the grid” and, of course, it launched them into a book deal and a doc. Colin and Michelle weigh in with their sides of the story.



"No Impact Man," the documentary, opens in Los Angeles and New York on September 11 and nationwide a week later.



Colin Beavan, (BEH-vun) visiting scholar at New York University, writer of the blog.



Michelle Conlin, wife of Colin and partner in the No Impact experiment. She is a senior writer at Business Week, where she covers the working life. 




2:40 – 3:00

From the Streets of Iran

Two art shows featuring art from Iranian artists are opening in Los Angeles tonight: the first is called “From the Streets of Iran” and features works on paper from urban artists living in Iran and the other, “Traces of Being” is a collection of work done by Iranian artists that now live in the United States. Patt speaks with the curator behind the two shows about his history in Iran and with Art and why he decided he decided to do these two shows now.



Shervin Shahbazi, Los Angeles curator and arts professional



Amitas Motevalli, Iranian born artist who works in Los Angeles.  She has a gallery in Iran.



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