Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Special Counsel Semi-Annual Report on Sheriff's Department

Attached is the 27th Semi-annual Report released today by Board of Supervisors' Special Counsel Merrick J. Bobb in regards to the Sheriff's Department.  The report examines whether a computerized early identification system fulfills its promise to accurately identify possible problem officers, and explores whether  targeted intervention with problem officers leads to significant reductions in their risk-related activity in the future.


Please direct all questions to:

Merrick Bobb, Police Assessment Resource Center (PARC)

 (213) 623-5757


We have no hard copies of the report, but have posted the report online at http://file.lacounty.gov/lac/cms1_137211.pdf   It should be available online shortly after 8 a.m.




Special Counsel Merrick Bobb and staff prepare semi-annual reports to discuss issues of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (LASD). These reports are prepared at the direction of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors pursuant to its appointment of special counsel to conduct ongoing monitoring and critical review of the LASD's performance. Concerns about police misconduct and its high cost to the County, both in terms of frayed community relationships and the financial burden to taxpayers, led to the Kolts Report and the decision of the supervisors to order full implementation of the Kolts recommendations.

When the Kolts Report was published, there was criticism that the report had not recommended a civilian review board which would take over the LASD's power to investigate and discipline police misconduct. Unwilling to take so far-reaching a step, but wishing to respond to a need for active, ongoing monitoring and oversight, the supervisors, with the concurrence of the sheriff, created a continuing role for special counsel. Rather than disbanding the Kolts staff, the supervisors requested that special counsel retain such staff as was feasible, and the Board set aside an annual budget to defray the expenses of special counsel and staff incurred in monitoring the LASD and preparing the semiannual reports. At the Board's direction, special counsel disseminates data about the LASD and comments on its significance. At the request of the Board and the sheriff, special counsel has also participated in the formulation and implementation of risk and liability management strategies with the LASD.



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