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Renaissance Pleasure Faire Returns to Santa Fe Dam


                                                                                                                    APRIL 6, 2010






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(IRWINDALE, CA) - The 48th Annual Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire, “Where Fantasy Rules!” returns to the Los Angeles County Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area, located at 15501 E. Arrow Highway, Irwindale, CA 91706 every Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. from April 10, 2010 through May 23, 2010. 


The Renaissance Pleasure Faire embodies the 16th Century Elizabethan period with its presentation of a true English port-town faire and marketplace throughout 20 acres of shaded pavilions and thoroughfares. The Faire will take place during seven weekends, from April 10, 2010 through May 23, 2010, with more than 2,000 costumed performers bringing Shakespeare’s England to life, seven parades crossing the Faire throughout the day and 12 stages of continuous entertainment spread around the village.   Also at the Fair will be 150 craft artisans, hand-powered rides, games, hearty English ales, fine wines, and over 100 gourmet foods for a full day of revelry, shopping, and fun.


The Faire was established in 1963 in Agoura, near Malibu, to create “living history” for schoolchildren and their families, and has grown into an annual interactive playground and gallery for more than 200,000 participants and guests.  Since its inception, more than 5 million people from around the world have visited the California Renaissance Pleasure Faire, averaging approximately 25,000 each weekend.


The Pleasure Faire also has a special day just for students - Friday, April 23, 2010 from 9:30 am until 3:30 pm.  School day tickets must be purchased in advance as the box office will be closed to the general public that day.  The Faire format will be tailored just for kids in an interactive structure. 


Los Angeles County Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area is a beautiful, 836-acre park that includes a lake, green foliage and abundant parking.  It is located right off the Irwindale exit of the 210 Freeway, just east of where the 210 and 605 Freeways cross.


Renaissance Pleasure Faire Entertainment for the 2010 Season


NEW! Audition for Shakespeare

Open call-stage time that offers a chance for young teenage performers to display their talent in the works of Shakespeare before the author. This is a chance to work on a scene or monologue and perhaps win a ticket back to Faire for the performer (and parents).  Those that return have a chance to win a spot in a performance before the Queen on the final day of Faire


Bey'Abi Belly Dance

This tribe of dancers and musicians recreate traditional regional dances from the Middle East and Northern Africa. Being no strangers to the stage, they bring to it their unique characters and humor as well as beautiful music and dance. So come sit with them a while and let them tell you of their travels and lives.



While performing seemingly impossible feats of juggling, this king of comedy will have you rolling in the aisles.


Capoeira Brazil

Capoeira is a dynamic and exciting Afro-Brazilian martial art form born of the
un-crushable human desire for the freedom of expression and self-determination. These highly energetic and skilled masters will capture your soul through their amazing physical and instrumental talent and their spiritual connections to their history dating back to the 15th century.


Clan MacColin Irish Dance

Featuring the award-winning step dancers from the Guild of St. Andrews, this highland fling stirs the "inner Celt" in us all.


Country Garden Dancers

A high-energy troop of English country dancers roams through the Faire in a swirling flash of color and sound. Perchance these lively lads and lasses may show you a step or two.


Equestrian Show

Come and visit the Royal Equine Guild with horses specially imported from Europe for her Majesty’s pleasure; this year featuring the beautiful Gypsy Horse and its unique history. Horses will be on display all day and performances will be held in the Joust Arena.




NEW! Gamelan Burat Wangi

(FRAGRANT OFFERING)–This renowned Balinese music and dance ensemble presents exquisite performances of Balinese court music and dance, featuring ancient traditional instruments and choreography.


The Hanlon-Lees Jousting Knights and Steeds

The Hanlon-Lees Jousting Knights and Steeds are here! Each and every day, this band of bold warriors ride forth to bring you three lance-shattering, breath-taking shows filled with full-contact competition, action and adventure.


NEW! Hey Nunnie Nunnie

This comic nun duo will wow you with their unique combination of hilarious antics and silly songs designed to make you laugh so loud you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven.


Kondor Brothers

This young brother duo will juggle, balance and flip their way into your hearts. (SELECT WEEKENDS ONLY)


NEW! Lan Sattha Dance Group

Lan Sattha Dance group features beautiful traditional Thai and Northern Thai dance with gorgeous costumes and ornaments inspired by Thai beliefs in ritual, religion and ceremony….. and dance as an offering.


Lord Mayor's Show (NEW STORY)

Our beloved young Queen Elizabeth has heard Port Deptford is the” jewel in the crown” over counties and ports alike, and she has come to see what those in power have done with the Crown’s coin. But Oh! What they’ve done! They’ve spent it frivolously and upon themselves. Now watch the Mayor and his council back peddle and wheel and deal as they try to avoid accountability. Come watch this fast-paced, hilarious …yet somewhat familiar comedy!


RETURNING! Manly Men in Tights

Come relive the magic of one of the most popular stage shows ever to romp on a Renaissance Faire stage! After 10 years away, those Manly Men in Tights are back! And the audience is part of the show in this dashing, zany and extraordinarily silly display of what truly makes a Manly Man!


NEW! Master Clifford Notes

The Renaissance Man who brings the classics to the masses. Come and see 4½ hours of Hamlet smashed into 30 minutes and played by one man. BUT be careful, you just might learn something while laughing uproariously!


NEW! Mayura Natya

Translated from Sanskrit, their name means Peacock Dance. This dance group showcases a vibrant experience in Indian Classical and Folk dance from along the Silk Road. Join them for a mesmerizing interpretation of an ancient art form.


Merlin's Magic, Mirth, and Imagination

Merlin conjures up wit and wizardry that will delight all Faire goers. This unique potion of comedy, magic, and audience participation will cast a spell of laughter over you.


NEW! A Midsummer's Nightmare

A band of exuberant traveling actors, the Rude Mechanicals perform this Shakespearean tale throughout the shire.


MooNiE the Magnif'Cent

The Mischievous Master of movement and surprise presents a laugh-filled show of comedy, juggling and rope walking, while uttering nary a word.


Queen's Show (NEW STORY)

Come join the good folk of Port Deptford as we welcome and celebrate the arrival of our beautiful young monarch Queen Elizabeth. As wise as she is lovely, the banners will wave and cheers will ring out as noble and commoner alike gather to greet our beloved Gloriana with a rousing….. God Save the Queen! And…. it is time too for Lord Mayor Thadeus Foote and his council to show what they are made of. The fate of Port Deptford lies in the balance. If they fail, what lies in store for our favorite port city………..? Laughter, romance and daring feats are to be expected as all vie for the good will of this glorious royal maiden!


NEW! Shakespeare's Scottish Play

The Crescent Troupe discovers a curse on the great Bard’s newest script as they try to bring the story to life.  Will anyone survive this comical farce?

(There may be blood)


Suspended Reality

Open your mind and enter the realm of imagination where the faeries have come to Port Deptford to entertain the Queen. Watch as Airiana dances high above the crowd performing daring feats of aerial acrobatics, utilizing hoops and ribbons. This graceful demonstration of aerial ballet and dance will amaze those who dream of the fae.


The Van Kleaver Brothers

Blades and jokes fly as these two ridiculous knife-throwing Dutch brothers risk their lives for your laughter. The flaming-filleting finale is not to be missed!


A Taste of Performance Variety Show

No one can see every show at Faire in one day… Here is your chance to sample what the Faire has to offer in form of entertainment. Every Saturday toward end of day, three or four acts from around Faire will be presented with either a section of their existing stage show or maybe something completely fresh and new!  Come see what you may have missed!


The Washing Well Wenches

This naughty and tempestuous twosome will win your hearts with a rollicking,
laugh-filled, one-of-a-kind show. You will want them to be your very own


Ye English Vs. Ye Celts - Battle to the Death

Come see the classic clash of mighty warriors on our field of battle everyday at high noon. Be ye British or be ye Celt come cheer for your favorite


Kids' Kingdom 2010

 Just for the Wee Lads & Lasses


Build a Fairy House

Join Gammer Fay as she spins tales of the wee folk known as fairies and helps you build homes for them.


Create Your Own Adventure

Your kids will love creating a new and unique version of classic fairytales with our Story teller.


Foolish Fractured Fairy Tales

Every day, children are invited to vie for the fun-filled and mischievous title of the Prince or Princess of Misrule. Presented by the Court of Misrule-so prepare for fun and hi-jinx.


Happily Ever After

The Kids Kingdom Characters gather with your children to discuss the lessons learned throughout the day.


Interactive Crafts

Join the wonderful characters of Kids Kingdom as they show you and your children a new and fun craft-making project everyday! Treasure Maps, Puppets and Paper Flowers are just a taste of the fun.


Knighting Ceremony

Be made a Knight or Lady of the Realm by the hand of Queen Elizabeth herself!


Merlin's Magic, Mirth, and Imagination

Merlin conjures up wit and wizardry that will delight all Faire goers. This unique potion of comedy, magic, and audience participation will cast a spell of laughter over you.


NEW! P's and Q's of Hobnobbing with Royalty
Learn how to mind your P's and Q's with the Royalty as only the Wicked Step Sisters can show you.


Pied Piper Pageant

A children's interactive play telling - the story of the Pied Piper of Hamlin. Children will portray both rats and actual children in this retelling of the classic tale.


Families Take Note 2010

The following shows may contain adult themes or content!


Commedia Volante

Always full of surprises, our whimsical masters of Commedia dell' Arte are back with an all new comedic tour de force, L'elisir D'amore (PG 13), where you can't resist joining in the fun!


The Merry Wives of Windsor

These Lusty Serving Wenches return to the Faire serving bawdy songs and plenty of good cheer! NC-17 when performing on the Rogue's Reef Stage. PG-13 when performing on the Royal Music Stage.


Poxy Boggards

This self-described "drinking group with a singing problem" will delight you with their bawdy songs and naughty antics. NC-17 when performing on the Rogue's Reef Stage. PG-13 when performing on the Royal Music Stage.


Pye Powder Court

Always full of surprises and antic accusations.  This bawdy, raucous bit of revelry is the longest, continuously-performed show at Faire. Performed on the Rogue's Reef Stage.


NEW! Two Players of Verona

Two players, alike in dignity, or lack there of, invite the audience to direct them in the Shakespearean play of their choice. Portraying all the roles is no mean trick. Only a fool, or two, would attempt such a feat. Get involved and have some fun with this delirious duo. NC-17 when performing on the Rogue's Reef Stage. PG-13 when performing on the Port Deptford.



                                                                        Featured Characters 2010

Be sure to look for these notable characters appearing in shows or on the streets of the Faire...


Queen Elizabeth I, our beautiful, young, yet eminently wise monarch, is bringing pomp and ceremony, laughter and joy to our Port City.


Her Majesty's Master of the Horse and possibly keeper of her heart, The Earl of Leicester.


The adventurous and heroic Sir Francis Drake circumnavigates the Faire all day.


Outspoken Irish Courtier Grace O'Malley has taken a break from piracy to visit the Queen.


Visiting Playwrights: The accomplished Christopher Marlowe and the aspiring Master William Shakespeare are in Port Deptford seeking inspiration and funding.


Here to make sure the entertainment is up to par is Master Edmund Tilney, Her Majesty's Master of the Revels.


Thaddeus Foote, owner of the largest shipping fleet, head of Banking regulations, founder of the Foote Family Bank is now Mayor. How can someone so bumbling juggle so many duties?


Our lovely and pure May Queen and her Revelers spread frivolity as they go.


Alderman Everyman, Alderman of our shire is concerned for you and looking out for you. Of course this doesn't mean he likes you... !


Sheriff Bungle, the less than competent Sheriff. His pay? Bungle's tab is covered by the council of Port Deptford.


Marotte, the Queen's Royal Jester, is taking the streets of our shire by storm.........look out for laughter with a chance of insanity.


Beppo, the Buffoon


Lady Phoebe Scratchett, our extravagant socialite.  Yet underneath, she is the voice of the people in the midst of Port Deptford's corruption.


Don Guesseppe, Harbor Master for a short while......time is short for him to impress the townspeople. Just don't make fun of his stature; he has a short temper and a short fuse.


Pretentia Sarah Foote is blazing a trail for the Morality Movement, leading the way for her tea party and her political career. Now she just needs a map!


Angus McHurley, our Barber Surgeon..."God's gift to good health" has just invented...... dentistry! It's going to be big in England!


Luicus Nostradamus-Smythe grand-nephew of the legendary Nostradamus de Michele has been hired by the Mayor as his personal advisor.


He's solved the famous Apple Controversy! Ask him how. Our lovable Gaffer Applewright.


Step-sisters Fifi and Mimi are Wicked as the day is long. They are here to find their Prince charming (because they scared off all the ones back home)


The itinerant peddler and his plethorous pack, Chamber Potts, the Tinker. (The 'H' is silent.)


A beautiful lass from Ireland, Melissa Peeling, The Widow Miller, will enchant you with song and some town gossip.


Bubble, bubble toil and trouble will be a'brewing for everyone with these 3 lovely ladies upon whom Shakespeare will later base his 3 Witches in that Scottish play.




Ticket prices at the box Office: Adult tickets are $25.00 for 13 years of age and older.   Children ages 5-12 are $15.00 (children under 5 are always free)


Fairever Pass
Good for admission for all Faire days for the whole season! 

Adult Fairever Pass- $130.00; Child’s Fairever Pass - $65.00


Friends of Faire Membership

New Membership (All Ages) - $40.00

Membership Renewal (All Ages) - $35.00

Click n Print your tickets today for Membership in Friends of Faire.  Please note that the Friends of Faire discounted Fairever Passes are only available at the Box Office.  


You can make a difference with your ticket purchase!

Purchase a full-price ticket online today and 20% of the ticket price will be donated to Autism Speaks. That is a $5 per Adult and $3 per Child donation.
Click n Print your ticket (with donation included) for Autism Speaks today! When ordering your tickets online, be certain to click on the “Autism Speaks” ticket box.

Autism affects every 1 in 150 children. Last year the Renaissance Pleasure Faire raised over $4,000 towards this neurological disorder. Take this opportunity to enjoy the Faire and help find a cure at the same time!


Visit www.RenFair.com/socal to Click n Print tickets online or call 1-877-772-5425 for Click-n-Print tickets by phone.   Note: Advance tickets are non-refundable.  Prices are subject to change and no credit, exchanges or rain checks are accepted.


For more information about Faire programming please call (626) 969-4750.





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