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Thursday, May 6, 2010

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The “terror gap”: do terrorists have a right to buy guns?

While it may seem like common sense to prohibit anyone who is on a terrorist watch list from purchasing a firearm, surprisingly there are no laws to keep suspected terrorists from buying guns.  Dating back to the first volley of anti-terror laws after 9/11, gun rights advocates argued fiercely, and successfully, that any move to restrict gun sales to suspected terrorists would ultimately infringe on 2nd amendment rights.  A new Government Accountability Office report out today disclosed that from February 2004 through February 2010, individuals on the terrorist watchlist were involved in firearm or explosives background checks 1,228 times. Of those, 91% were allowed to proceed because there were no legally disqualifying factors.  The suspect in the attempted Times Square bombing, a resident of the terrorist watchlist, bought himself a gun a few weeks before he drove an explosives-laden SUV into New York City—should the “terror gap” be closed?



Sandy Jo MacArthur, Assistant Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department; she testified yesterday in front of the Senate Homeland Security Committee



TBD—Representative of the National Rifle Association

  • The NRA is against any laws restricting gun sales to people named on the terrorist watch list:  “Due to the admitted errors that are in these watch lists, if this bill passes, it would deny many innocent persons one of their constitutional rights.”



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Going green on the home front: building a greener, meaner home

How can you get a solar energy system on the roof of my house without going into bankruptcy; how can you build an affordable rain-catching system to reuse rain water in your garden and beyond; what’s the latest insulation technology to cut my home’s heating and cooling bills?  It’s fashionable to call oneself an “environmentalist” these days but few of us have taken the steps to implement green policies around our own homes, from big construction projects like installing solar panels to smaller steps like recycling water.  As the AltBuild expo rolls into town this weekend, architects, water experts and green builders will gather to tackle the big and small of green home improvement.  Patt brings together a few experts to answer your questions and help you build a meaner, greener home.



Brenden McEneaney, Green Building Program Advisor for City of Santa Monica, and the presenters of AltBuild Expo


  • McEneaney is responsible for overseeing the green building code requirements for new construction in Santa Monica.  He also oversees and administers Santa Monica’s incentive programs, including expedited permitting for buildings pursuing LEED certification.


Christine Dzilvelis, producer of the AltCar & AltBuild Expos




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National Day of Prayer – shall we pray?  Or not…

The National Day of Prayer became national law nearly 60 years ago and every year since 1952, the president of the United States has issued a proclamation urging people to turn to God in prayer. Now that law is being challenged in federal court; a federal judge says it’s unconstitutional but President Obama’s Justice Department is appealing that ruling. Defenders of the tradition say it’s an attack upon the religious heritage of Americans and detractors say it’s nothing less than a government endorsement of religion. Shall we pray? Or not…



Mike Johnson serves as Senior Legal Counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund, a conservative legal group, at its Louisiana Regional Service Center.



·        ADF is a national legal alliance of more than 1,600 Christian attorneys and like-minded organizations defending the right of people to freely live out their faith. 

·        He has been a leading attorney defending the tradition of public invocations against challenges from groups like the Freedom From Religion Foundation.  


Dan Barker, co-president of the Freedom from Religion Foundation




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Lecture Notes: a professor’s inside guide to college success

Though some of the advice may seem obvious, go to class, read the books, talk to your professors – in a time when it is becoming harder and harder to get accepted into a university maybe some straightforward tips are exactly what the college freshman of 2010 need. As the school year comes to an end Patt brings you some recommended summer reading that may prove to be exactly what the guidance counselor ordered. Patt talks with long time university professor Philip Freeman about his book, “Lecture Notes: a professor’s inside guide to college success.”



Philip Freeman, author of “Lecture Notes: a professor’s inside guide to college success” and chair of classical languages at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa.




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