Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Results: DECEMBER 14 2010 AGENDA HIGHLIGHTS -- Board is in closed session


                           Board of Supervisors, County of Los Angeles  


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                 Brian Lew, Assistant Director, (213) 974-1652

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           Dec. 14, 2010


Results: Dec. 14 Agenda Highlights

(Unless otherwise indicated, the vote was 5-0.) 


Curt Pedersen, chief of staff to Supervisor Don Knabe; Paul Novak, planning deputy to Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich; and Judy Hammond, director of public affairs, honored as they leave County service.


The Greater Zion Church Family’s Voices of Destiny Choir recognized for being named “Best Church Choir in America” at the Verizon Wireless “How Sweet the Sound” competition.


Report to be given on transition to new LAC+USC Medical Center.  (Item S-1,  11 a.m.) RECEIVED AND FILED


$9.4 million proposal would fund four Community Development Commission acquisition/development projects in Walnut Park and unincorporated area adjacent to La Puente.  (Item 1-D, 2-D) APPROVED


$2.1 million proposal would fund contracts to complete sound insulation improvements for 145 properties in the Lennox/Athens area located within the flight path of LAX.  (Item 4-D) APPROVED AS REVISED BY COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION


Board asked to approve consulting contract to assist with the development of a pilot program to lower construction costs associated with County housing modernization projects. (Item 1-H, cont. from 12/7) REFERRED BACK TO HOUSING AUTHORITY


Supervisors Michael D. Antonovich and Zev Yaroslavsky request establishment of “rural lighting” zoning ordinance to preserve “dark night” skies that are unimpeded by light pollution in the County’s unincorporated rural areas.  (Item 4) APPROVED


Supervisor Gloria Molina requests traffic analysis been done in Union Pacific community of East Los Angeles in effort to reduce speed/volume of traffic to acceptable levels.  (Item 6) APPROVED


$10,000 reward proposed for information leading to arrest and/or conviction of person(s) responsible for the murder of Zacarias Coronado in South Gate on Aug. 4.  (Item 7) APPROVED


Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas asks that County staff be instructed to review and evaluate recommendations of  a study he commissioned on how to best transition juvenile offenders back into the community and reduce recidivism rates.  (Item 8, 8a) APPROVED SUBSTITUTE MOTION BY RIDLEY-THOMAS FOR CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER TO REVIEW REPORT AND INCLUDE APPROPRIATE RECOMMENDATIONS INTO REPORT BEING PREPARED BY COMMUNITY AND SENIOR SERVICES DEPARTMENT


Proposal calls for allowing T.H.E. Clinic to use $1.6 million federal grant to make needed improvements to the Ruth Temple Health Center in Los Angeles in exchange for the County offsetting $487,011 in retroactive operating expenses, providing 10-year gratis lease, and providing lien on the facility to federal government.  (Item 10) CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER CONT. TO 1/11/11


Update presented for County’s state legislative policies and positions.  (Item 14, cont. from 12/7) APPROVED AS AMENDED, INCLUDING MOLINA MOTION TO SUPPORT LEGISLATION THAT WOULD DISINCORPORATE CITIES WITH LESS THAN 150 RESIDENTS


$300,069 proposal would fund additional construction costs associated with the New Avalon Lifeguard/Paramedic Station project, upping total budget to $4.2 million.  (Item 15) APPROVED


Action would allow the County to construct a $2.5-3.5 million community/senior center on land owned by the Montebello Unified School District with a 30-year gratis lease.  (Item 16) APPROVED


$782,000 proposal would assist in purchase by the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority of 26.6- acre “Rocky Ledge Property” for open space preservation. (Item 19) APPROVED


Board asked to continue reimbursing retired employees who enroll in Medicare Part B plan in effort to curtail health care costs.  (Item 20) APPROVED


Recommendation would allow County’s Internal Services Department to offer fleet management services to other public agencies, with Lynwood being the first client.  (Item 23) APPROVED


Action would allow SAS Institute Inc., to use computer technology to target fraud in the In- Home Supportive Services program as part of current contract.   (Item 25, cont. from 12/7) APPROVED


$213,956 proposal would fund additional construction costs associated with the Topanga Library project, upping total budget to $17 million.  (Item 37) APPROVED


$9.7 million proposal would fund construction of an interpretive center at Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park in Agua Dulce, and award $4.8 million construction contract.  (Item 40) APPROVED


Report outlines issues involved in proposal to establish a project labor agreement for Martin Luther King, Jr. Medical Center replacement construction project.   (Item 67) APPROVED RIDLEY-THOMAS  MOTION TO AUTHORIZE STAFF TO NEGOTIATE TERMS OF A PROJECT LABOR AGREEMENT FOR THE KING MULTI-SERVICE AMBULATORY CARE CENTER AND PRESENT TO BOARD FOR APPROVAL,  4-0 WITH ANTONOVICH ABSTAINING


Report scheduled on the development of information management system designed to provide timely and patient-centered healthcare services to residents.   (Item 69) CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER CONT. TO 1/11/11


Recommendations presented to deal with state budget cuts to program for special education students.  (Item 70) APPROVED ANTONOVICH MOTION TO SEND OUT NOTICES TO AFFECTED PARTIES SHOULD PROGRAM END STATING THAT THE REASON IS DUE TO STATE’S DISCONTINUANCE OF FUNDING


Action would appoint Amy Shek Naamani as lead attorney of the children’s special investigations unit, effective Dec. 14 at salary of $193,045.  (Item 71-A)  APPROVED


Supervisors asked to approve participation in the new California 1115 Waiver for health services.   (Item 71-B)   APPROVED


Noting that some patients are burdened with unnecessary travel, costs and paperwork, Health Department is asked to evaluate coordination of care between hospital and non-hospital outpatient programs for prescriptions and ancillary services.  (Item introduced at meeting.) APPROVED


Board meets in closed session to discuss litigation arising from claim that sheriff deputies violated family’s federal civil rights.  (CS-1)


Board meets in closed session to discuss lawsuit related to lead in paint.  (CS-2)   


Supervisors consider candidates for public defender.  (CS-6)



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