Friday, December 3, 2010

Who is Rudy Martinez According to Jose Huizar


LOS ANGELES, CA (December 3, 2010) –   This morning Jose Huizar’s campaign sent out a press release asking the question: Who is Rudy Martinez?

According to Jose Huizar, “Rudy Martinez is someone who has provided quality services and improved the standard of living of the Northeast Los Angeles area and has demonstrated a willingness to contribute his time and financial services.” June 2006, City Proclamation.

“Jose knows that Rudy Martinez never worked for big tobacco, that he has lived here and grew-up in the east side, and that he is a registered Democrat who has contributed thousands of dollars to democratic candidates over the years,” said Eric Hacopian.

One of the most absurd charges made by Huizar is Rudy’s support for medical marijuana dispensaries. Jose himself has consistently supported motions in favor of marijuana dispensaries, including the recent ordinance amendment that allows hundreds of them to continue to operate.

“The torrent of lies being disseminated by the Huizar campaign are nothing more than desperate attempts to avoid talking about his failed record on the Los Angeles city council,” added Hacopian.

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