Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Results: DECEMBER 7 2010 AGENDA HIGHLIGHTS -- Board is taking public comment


                           Board of Supervisors, County of Los Angeles  


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     Dec. 7, 2010   


Results: Dec. 7 Agenda Highlights

(Unless otherwise indicated, vote was 5-0.) 


2011 Rose Queen and Royal Court recognized as part of 122nd Annual Rose Parade festivities.


Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich becomes mayor; Board selects new chair pro tem.  (Item S-1) ZEV YAROSLAVSKY ELECTED CHAIR PRO TEM


Board asked to approve consulting contract to assist with the development of a pilot program to lower construction costs associated with County housing modernization projects.  (Item 1-H) YAROSLAVSKY CONT. TO 12/14


Action would establish financing authority to sell up to $24.2 million in bonds for construction of a conference center at the Pomona Fairplex.  (Items 1-R, 1-F, 50, cont. from 11/30) APPROVED


Supervisors Zev Yaroslavksy and Don Knabe request adoption of recommendations to improve safety at raves.  (Item 2) APPROVED AS AMENDED TO CLARIFY INTENT


Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich requests plan be developed to help foster children become self-sufficient by the time they are no longer eligible for assistance.    (Item 3) APPROVED


Staff asked to identify sites and timeline to pilot the concept of patient-centered behavioral health care homes in effort to better serve patients with both physical and mental problems.  (Item 5) APPROVED AS REVISED BY ANTONOVICH TO INCLUDE PUBLIC HEALTH, AND ASK THAT STAFF WORK WITH ASSOCIATION OF COMMUNITY HUMAN SERVICE AGENCIES AND COMMUNITY CLINIC ASSOCIATION


Proposal would cancel Dec. 27, 2011 and Jan. 3, 2012 Board meetings.  (Item 6) APPROVED


Action would transfer Canyon County Jo Anne Darcy Library from the County to the City of Santa Clarita, and accept $1.2 million from the city to offset some of the expansion and refurbishment costs associated with the library.  (Item 8) APPROVED


To help close budget gap, reductions proposed for County contribution to employee deferred compensation and savings plans for fiscal years 2010-11 and 2011-12.  (Item 9) APPROVED


Proposal would update the County’s state legislative policies and positions.  (Item 10) CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER CONT. TO 12/14


Board asked to approve 1,260 single family lots on 2,173 acres in Sand Canyon, finding that there are overriding considerations that warrant approval of the project, despite evidence of significant effect on the environment.  (Items 11, 11a, 12, 13) APPROVED


Board considers appeal of Regional Planning Commission’s approval of plan to build 230 megawatt photovoltaic electricity power generation facility in Antelope Valley.  (Item 15, 15a, 14) APPROVED


Action would allow SAS Institute Inc., to use computer technology to target fraud in the In- Home Supportive Services program as part of current contract.   (Item 17) KNABE CONT. TO 12/14


Supervisors asked to approve five-year agreement with the Marina del Rey Convention Center/Visitors Bureau at potential annual cost of $267,400 for the continued promotion of Marina del Rey as a travel destination point.  (Item 30) APPROVED


$400,000 settlement proposed for county employee Cheryl Williams, who alleged she was subjected to discrimination and the County failed to engage in a timely interactive process.   (Item 46) APPROVED


Ordinance would ban medical marijuana dispensaries in unincorporated areas of County.  (Item 48, 48a) APPROVED 4-1, WITH YAROSLAVSKY OPPOSED


Approval sought to buy 2.3 acres in Santa Clarita for $2.1 million for a future fire station.   (Item 56, 56a, 56b, 56c, 56d, 56e) APPROVED


Supervisors asked to endorse the Home for Good Action Plan to end chronic and veteran homelessness within five years, and instruct County departments to prioritize recommendations for implementation to create permanent supportive housing.  (Item 57-A) APPROVED 4-0, WITH ANTONOVICH ABSTAINING , AS AMENDED BY KNABE TO ENSURE REGIONAL PARTNERS ARE INVOLVED AND PUBLIC/PRIVATE FUNDS ARE MAXIMIZED


Recommendation would postpone the start date of construction of the Santa Anita Dam sediment removal project for at least one month and order report on environmental options explored to meet sediment placement needs while minimizing impacts.  (Item 57-B)  APPROVED


Motion calls for drafting policies that would facilitate the use of tele-health, which would provide patient access to a physician via live video conferencing to provide screening assessment and treatment in underserved areas, and explore pilot project in Antelope Valley.  (Item 57-C) APPROVED


$10,000 reward offered for information leading to the arrest and/or conviction of the person responsible for fatal hit-and-run of 86-year-old Gabriel Barragon on Dec. 1 in Duarte.   (Motion introduced at meeting.) APPROVED


Board meets in closed session to discuss the findings of the quality assurance reviews related to the provision of care at County hospitals. (CS-4) REFERRED BACK TO CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER






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