Thursday, October 14, 2010



                           Board of Supervisors, County of Los Angeles  


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Agenda and supporting documents:

Agenda Highlights:                                                       


        Oct. 14, 2010


Oct. 19 Agenda Highlights

(Meeting begins at 9:30 a.m.) 


Winners of Countywide Biggest Loser Contest to be honored. 


Recommendation would require hiring of local workers and preferences for small businesses in Martin Luther King, Jr. Medical Center replacement construction project.  (Item S-1, 11 a.m., cont. from 9/21 and 10/5)


To deal with overcrowding issue, proposal would increase the budget to $5 million annually (from $2 million) to transfer patients from Los Angeles County Medical Center to private hospitals.  (Item S-2,  11:30 a.m., cont. from 10/12)


Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich proposes a series of pension reforms designed to save the County $200 million annually. (Item 2)


Proposal would allow three agencies assisting children with developmental disabilities under the care of the Department of Children and Family Services to use vacant space at MacLaren Children’s Center in El Monte without charge for two years.  (Item 4)


Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas recommends applying for two grants to assist local jurisdictions to spur innovative planning efforts, and transit-oriented infrastructure study to accommodate pedestrian-friendly mixed-use development, at cost of $350,000.  (Item 5)


$2.7 million proposal would fund County’s share of construction costs for the Long Beach Courthouse parking structure renovation project.  (Item 7)


$1.3 million increase in federal funding would allow expanded HIV testing services for residents most disproportionately affected by HIV, with emphasis on African Americans.  (Item 13)


Board asked to increase budgets for two new fire stations in Santa Clarita to $19.796 million due to construction delay and adhering to federal requirements, and accept $3.6 million Stimulus grant to assist with funding.    (Item 18)  and  (Item 19)


Recommended action would allow the County to retain the rights to purchase 21 acres of land from the Lancaster Redevelopment Agency as the future site of the new High Desert Multi-Service Ambulatory Care Center.  (Item 20)


Board asked to approve revised $16 million budget for the Alondra Park Pool/Water Play/Skate Park project in El Camino Village, and approve construction contract.  (Item 24)


Acceptance of $800,000 in grants would assist:

1.      The Fire Department’s Urban Search and Rescue Task Force Canine Search program.

2.      Implementation of training program for public defenders in the area of forensic evidence.

3.      Sheriff’s program to combat gangs with better information sharing/analysis among agencies.

4.      Implementation of in-jail substance abuse treatment program. (Item 27, 28, 29, 31)


Final reading scheduled for ordinance to expand the letter-grading program to include food trucks and food carts.  (Item 36)


Report set on whether creating a panel of family law lawyers, paid a flat fee to serve as expert witnesses and investigators, would reduce costs of the Professional Appointee Court Expenditures System.   (Item 39, cont. from 9/28, 10/12)


Board in closed session considers firms to recruit candidates for superintendent of the Los Angeles County Office of Education.  (Item CS-2)


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