Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Results: OCTOBER 26 2010 AGENDA HIGHLIGHTS -- Board is in closed session


                           Board of Supervisors, County of Los Angeles  


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        Oct. 26, 2010


Final Results: Oct. 26 Agenda Highlights

(Unless otherwise indicated, vote was 4-0.  Molina absent.) 



Amid concerns that there are already more than 20 such operations along the Alameda Corridor, Board is asked to deny plans for two scrap metal/recycling yards in the Florence-Firestone area. (Items 1{a,b,c,d},  2) INDICATED INTENT TO APPROVE PERMITS, WITH MODIFICATIONS, WITH FINAL FINDINGS AND CONDITIONS TO COME BACK TO BOARD FOR CONSIDERATION


Approval sought to raise ticket prices from $1-to-$3 for the 2011 Hollywood Bowl season to fund operation costs.  (Item 6APPROVED


Proposal would establish new $277 permit fee, and increase existing permit fees by up to $183, for motion picture/TV/commercial production shoots, to offset costs of reviewing/processing permits.  (Item 7) APPROVED, BUT STIPULATED FEES WILL NOT GO INTO EFFECT UNTIL A SPOT CHECK INSPECTION PROGRAM HAS BEEN IMPLEMENTED BY FIRE DEPARTMENT


Supervisors Mark Ridley-Thomas and Zev Yaroslavsky request the Board to:

  • Support Prop. 25, which would lower the vote requirement to pass a state budget bill to a simple majority.
  • Oppose Prop. 26, which would expand the definition of a tax/tax increase such that certain state/local fees would require a two-thirds vote by the Legislature.
  • Ask staff to report in seven days on the potential impact on County operations/budget if the two propositions were to pass/fail. (Item 10) WITHDRAWN


Board asked to approve contracts with attorneys Bita Shasty, Walter W. Katz and Diana M. Teran to fill three vacancies in the Office of Independent Review, which investigates issues in the Sheriff and Probation Departments.  (Item 11)  APPROVED


Recommendation calls for developing standard conditions for scrap metal and recycling yards, followed by enforcement activities for those not having a valid permit.  (Item 12-A)  APPROVED


Board in closed session discusses lawsuit regarding state-mandated mental health services for special education students.  (Item CS-2)





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