Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Results: Oct.5, 2010 AGENDA HIGHLIGHTS. -- Board is in closed session


                           Board of Supervisors, County of Los Angeles  


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        Oct. 5, 2010


Final Actions: Oct. 5, 2010 Agenda Highlights

(Unless otherwise indicated, vote was 4-0. Yaroslavsky absent.)


Authorization sought to issue $8 million in bonds to assist developer finance site acquisition and construction of 62-unit multi-family housing project in West Athens/Westmont.  (Items 1-H, 25) APPROVED


Housing Authority asks rule change to require owners to repay overpaid housing assistance payments in two months instead of 12. (Item 4-H) HOUSING AUTHORITY CONT. TO 10/12


Action would allocate $2 million to renovate the Arcadia Park pool and pool building, and establish $8.5 million budget for the project. (Item 1-P, 28, cont. from 9-21) APPROVED


Recommendation calls for allocating $10.69 million to improve El Cariso Park in Sylmar.  (Item 3-P) APPROVED


Supervisor Don Knabe asks that County use lessons learned during the recent Gulf Coast crisis to update its emergency oil spill contingency plan.  (Item 3) APPROVED


Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich seeks Board support to rescind state law exempting trial courts from paying retiree health insurance benefits for sheriff’s deputies assigned to the courts.  (Item 7) APPROVED


Approval sought for reduced County Holiday Celebration Program on Dec. 24 due to $150,000 decrease in funding for the program, which is now budgeted for $332,000.  (Item 10) APPROVED 3-0, WITH MOLINA ABSTAINING


Action would provide $10.1 million to refurbish Acton Rehabilitation Center and upgrade its wastewater treatment plant. (Item 11, cont. from 9/28) APPROVED AS AMENDED BY ANTONOVICH TO EXPLORE FUTURE FUNDING FOR USE OF WARM SPRINGS CAMPUS


$750,000 grant would implement portions of Countywide Gang and Violence Reduction Initiative, providing in-home intervention, prevention and mental health services to incarcerated probation youth and their families.  (Item 12) APPROVED


Approval sought to spend $1.1 million, the majority of which would be federal grant funds, to upgrade power systems at Mount Lukens, San Pedro Hill and the County’s fire command and control center on Eastern Avenue in preparation of voice and data radio system that will allow emergency responders throughout region to communicate with each other.  (Items  15,  16)  APPROVED


Acceptance of $190,000 federal grant would allow County to identify community needs and most feasible recreational features/improvements for Charles White Park in Altadena.   (Item 27) APPROVED


Board asked to approve San Gabriel Trench Project, which would lower the Union Pacific Railroad tracks within a below-grade trench and eliminate four at-grade crossings, and authorize the Public Works Department to do engineering review of the project, with reimbursement of approximately $500,000 by the Alameda Corridor-East Construction Authority.  (Item 31) APPROVED


Revised list of road improvement projects totaling $190.5 million proposed in Districts 1-4. (Item 34) APPROVED


Acceptance of $2.7 million in federal grants would allow Sheriff’s Department to evaluate unsolved missing persons cases using DNA technology, reduce its forensic DNA backlog, and reduce backlogged sexual assault kits DNA analysis.  (Items 45, 46, 47) APPROVED


Report scheduled on plan to hire staff to improve services for youth in probation camps, including timetable, tracking system, and how to avoid problems identified in the use of $79 million for the Department of Justice settlement on juvenile halls and program enhancements.  (Item 53) RECEIVED AND FILED; UPDATE REQUESTED IN 30 DAYS


Board meets in closed session to consider appointment of health services director.  (Item CS-1) CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER CONT. TO 10/12


Supervisors discuss in closed session a lawsuit challenging the County’s discretionary funds expenditure process.   (Item S-2)


Board in closed session discuss lawsuit concerning dedication to the County of public hiking and equestrian trails within Altadena from the La Vina Homeowners Association.  (Item CS-3)





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