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A NFL team & a World Cup tournament—can L.A. get 2 for the price of 1 stadium?

There is a contest underway in Los Angeles that is analogues to the drama of an NFL game—two teams in a pitched battle to cross the goal line first, except in place of footballs in the players’ hands they’ll be carrying a brand new stadium to house a new NFL team for L.A.  Rival development companies, AEG and Majestic Realty, are pressing hard for their own versions of new NFL stadiums, and if a new football team wasn’t incentive enough to get a stadium built there’s another possibility to throw into the mix:  L.A. hosting the World Cup in 2018 or 2022.  The U.S. will have its World Cup hosting bid voted on by FIFA in December and both AEG & Majestic are designing their proposed stadiums with World Cup games in mind, which could help L.A. land the global soccer tournament.  Considering the fact that a World Cup game was played in Los Angeles long after a professional football game had taken place here, is it possible that we’ll get both in the end?



John Smecken, vice president of Majestic Realty Co., developers of the proposed NFL stadium in the City of Industry

CALL HIM:  213-247-1221

Backup:  Laurie Jenkins, 562-948-4362


Matt “Money” Smith, host of the “Petros & Money Show” on Fox Sports Radio, heard locally here on KLAC AM 570





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Fostering the most vital safety net: the problems, and potential fixes, of L.A.’s foster care system—Part II

Too many children too easily fall through the cracks of society—unwanted or uncared for by parents who are either unwilling or unable to provide care. Foster youths are among the most vulnerable members of society and arguably the most in need of a solid social safety net. And while controversial deaths of children in L.A. County’s foster care system get publicity, thousands of foster youths each year find themselves without shelter, an education or job prospects and many of them are left to their own devices once they turn 18. Los Angeles, with the highest number of kids in foster care in the country, had 22,291 children in the foster care system in 2008, which actually shows years of progress in reducing the numbers. Even as the number of kids in the system comes down, these youths find themselves facing long odds at success: less than 4% of children in the foster care system nationwide graduate from a 4-year college. In this second part of a series examining foster care in Los Angeles, Patt talks with the embattled director of the L.A. County Department of Child & Family Services, tasked with the impossibly difficult job of caring for thousands of neglected children.



Trish Ploehn, director of the Los Angeles County Director of Children & Family Services




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Google drives off the information superhighway and onto the 405?



Thomas Jacobs, director of the Center for Advanced Transportation Technology at the University of Maryland




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Solving the mystery of the Station Fire

Last year, the Station Fire of the San Gabriel Mountains became the largest fire in L.A. County history claiming the lives of two firefighters and destroying more than 200 homes and buildings. But the cause and management of the Station fire is still a bit smoky… Southern California Congressman Adam Schiff has convened a panel to discuss the fire’s cause, handling, and aftermath. One of the looming questions surrounding the fire is whether or not the U.S. Forest Service delayed its response to fighting the fire to avoid extra spending during a time of financial struggle and cutbacks. Congressman Schiff and the Angeles National Forest’s Supervisor are here to discuss what went down during the panel discussion and how the investigation will continue.



Rep. Adam Schiff, D-CA’s 29th district



Jody Noiron, Forest Supervisor Angeles National Forest, U.S. Forest Service





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