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Monday, June 29, 2009

1-3 p.m.


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Troops Out, Anarchy In?

Tomorrow, June 30th, is the Obama Administration’s deadline for U.S. combat troops to pullout of Iraq’s major cities and urban centers.  Despite a recent spike in deadly violence, the administration is sticking with the pullout plan – ready or not.  But is it a good idea?  How ready are Iraqi forces to take over control of their own security situation?  And what will the new role of the American military be for the next two years before the 2011 total withdrawal date?



Colonel Peter Mansoor, professor of military history at Ohio State’s Mershon Center for International Security Studies; retired colonel in the U.S. Army & executive officer to Gen. David Petraeus


 As the chief adviser to Gen. Petraeus, Mansoor assisted with strategic planning for the U.S. war effort in Iraq.  He was one of the major authors of the Report on the Situation in Iraq, delivered by Petraeus to Congress in Sept. of 2007.

  • Before he deployed to Iraq, Mansoor served on the Council of Colonels that led a reassessment of strategy for the Iraq war.  Their work led to the surge strategy.
  • Mansoor is also founding director of the U.S. Army/Marine Corps Counterinsurgency Center at Fort Leavenworth.
  • He wrote the book “Baghdad at Sunrise: A Brigade Commander’s War in Iraq.”



John Arquilla (ar-KWILL-lah), Professor of Defense Analysis, Naval Postgraduate School, (the nation’s premier national security research university)




Kalev Sepp, Senior Lecturer in Defense Analysis, Naval Postgraduate School




1:40 - 2:00 



2:00 - 2:30   

Sin by Silence

Brenda Clubine killed her husband when he came at her with a hammer, just months after an overcrowded women’s shelter turned her away. Olivia Klaus’ documentary “Sin by Silence,” tells Clubine’s story, from the 26 years she spent in prison before a judge reopened her case and threw out her conviction, to the support group she started while in prison, for victims of domestic violence. They’re here with their story.


Olivia Klaus, director and producer of “Sin by Silence,” a documentary about a female inmates’ support group for victims of domestic abuse



Brenda Clubine (CLUE-bine), founder of the support group featured in the documentary.  She's been out of prison for only 8 months after serving 26 years behind bars.



Alyce LaViolette, Domestic Violence Counselor for Survivors and Perpetrators, Expert Witness in Brenda Clubine's trial



Olivia and Brenda will be screening “Sin by Silence” throughout the Southland this summer and are also going on a national tour with the film this fall.


2:30 – 2:39






2 :40 - 3:00

Shouting Fires:  Stories from the Edge of Free Speech

In the United States the right of free speech is one most basic tenets, but is there a limit? Liz Garbus explores the issue in her documentary "Shouting Fires:  Stories from the Edge of Free Speech," which features her father Martin Garbus, who has spent his life defending such clients as Daniel Ellsberg and Don Imus.


PATT:  Shouting Fires premieres tonight at (time tbd) on HBO.



Liz Garbus, director of "Shouting Fires:  Stories from the Edge of Free Speech"



Martin Garbus, trial lawyer specializing in first amendment issues, and Liz Garbus' father




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