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Thursday, June 18, 2009

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Banning the Blue on Film Sets

For decades, ex-officers have worn the same uniforms as working officers, except they don't have rank stripes and their badges say "retired." No more. Beginning in three months, ex-officers at film locations must wear a different outfit: black pants, white shirts, yellow safety vests and patches that read "Film Detail." Film location managers argue that people will be less likely to keep away from sets, stunts and car chases if they don't spot a uniform. Is this a deal?




LAPD Chief Bill Bratton or Asst Chief Jim McDonnell


Mike Fantasia [Fan-tuh-SEE-uh], Location manager for the past 19 years





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Wedlock, Schmedlock!

Sandra Tsing Loh has had it up to HERE with marriage. She’s bailing out of hers after 20 years and really wonders whether the institution has outlived its usefulness. Can Americans’ individualism and their commitment to marriage coexist peacefully? Let the fireworks begin!



Sandra Tsing Loh, is a writer/performer well known to KPCC listeners for her Loh Life essays every Monday, as well as her daily segment, The Loh Down on Science. She’s also a contributing editor at The Atlantic magazine, where she published a story in the July/August issue about marriage – including her own.



Iris Krasnow, author of "Surrendering to Marriage."  She's in her 22nd year of matrimonial bliss and the couple has four teenage sons

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