Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Patt Morrison for Weds, June 17


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

1-3 p.m.


1:00 – 1:40




1:40 – 2:00

Possible Connection between ADHD Medication Children’s Heart Conditions—Should Parents Freak Out?

A new study sponsored by the FDA and the National Institute of Mental Health shows a possible connection between the medications regularly prescribed to treat Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorder and sudden heart attacks among children.  Parent’s first reaction might be to freak out, but the study’s findings are much more complicated—how should we interpret the health risks of ADHD medications and the ADHD condition itself?




Dr. Benedetto Vitiello, psychiatrist & chief of the Child & Adolescent Treatment Branch of the National Institute of Mental Health






2:00 – 2:30

The Changing Climate of Climate Change Negotiations

After two weeks of UN meetings on climate change in Bonn, Germany and the President’s global warming envoy laying groundwork in Beijing, progress may be possible. Even though China remains steadfast in the belief that the bulk of the responsibility of global warming lies in the hands of the richer nations, both sides released positive remarks and it seems that an agreement could indeed be in the cards.



Robert Stavins, He attended the UN meeting in Bonn. He is a pro of business and government at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government; chairman of the Environment & Natural Resources Faculty Group at Harvard  



2:30 – 3:00

Working with your Hands

Nobody says- I want to be a plumber when I grow up, but maybe they should. Patt talks with Matthew Crawford author of “Shop Class as Soulcraft” about the value of physical labor in a society that often reserves its respect for those it considers intellectuals.



Matthew Crawford, a fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture at the University of Virginia. He also runs a (very) small motorcycle repair shop in Richmond, Virginia.




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