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Patt Morrison for Friday, August 20, 2010


Friday, August 20, 2010

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Ask the Chief

The arrest of the Grim Sleeper brought a wave of relief to many families and an end to a 25-year investigation by the LAPD, who nabbed the killer with a piece of pizza and DNA.  While an elusive killer is behind bars, what about police being in hot water as cell phone videos and pictures become key evidence in police brutality cases?  Or there’s the issue of policing raves and illegal marijuana dispensaries, and a brand new jail sits empty because the city and the LAPD can’t afford to staff it. Chief Charlie Beck addresses these concerns and more as he sits down with Patt.  Call in with your questions or comments.



Chief Charlie Beck, Los Angeles Police Department




1:41 – 1:58:30

Conversations with California’s congressmen and women – Rep. Howard Berman

Members of Congress are preparing to go back to DC after their recess ends in early September. Among hot-button issues are the continuing economic downturn, and challenges in international relations, and the debate over immigration reform. To top it all, mid-term elections are rapidly approaching, elections which could make or break the Democrats’ House majority. In a short series,  Patt talks with House representatives about the issues they’re dealing with. Representative Howard Berman chats with Patt about mid-terms, immigration, and the most pressing happenings in foreign affairs.



Congressman Howard Berman, D-CA’s 28th District; Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and member of Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, and International Law under the Judiciary Committee




2:06 – 2:30

Credit cards fees are about to get a little friendlier (for the consumer)

High annual fees, fees for not using your credit card, excessive interest rates, starting August 22 some of those chargers are going to change.  New consumer credit card protections go into effect and among other things they prohibit banks from charging consumers late fees that are higher than their minimum balance due. So if your minimum payment is $21.00, banks can’t sock you with a late fee of $30.00. And it doesn’t stop there.  Issuers won’t be able to charge you multiple fees on one transaction.  Let’s say you bounce a check, the new rules dictate that you cannot be assessed an overdraft fee AND a returned check fee.  What about those 30% interest rates? The new rules make the banks accountable for re-evaluating their interest rates periodically to determine whether they are justified, rather than giving that authority to a federal regulator.  The first review is scheduled for February 22, 2011.  We walk through what the new regulations do, and what they do not. 






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2:41 – 2:58:30

The Terrible-20’s: The maturation of the generation left behind

You can call them “slackers” or “losers.” The media has coined the more politically correct descriptions of “failure to launch” or “boomerang kids.” Whatever you choose to call them is irrelevant; they don’t care, they have Facebook status to update. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the current crop of 20-somethings is scaring the Social Security out of its elders. Raised as the generation with the most access to information, entertainment, technology, many thought this would be active and full of initiative and vigor. But it turns out that this generation might be the one of the slowest developing ever. Many psychologists have opinions as to why this is, the scary economic state could look debilitating with a college student drowning in loans and no job. Others point the finger at parenting, saying that parents aren’t as involved with the kids, maybe because they have to work multiple jobs. So, what do the young people of this generation think of all the attention being paid to their underdevelopment? They don’t, their still amazed the new Nintendo DS is 3d.



The 20-something producers & interns of KPCC



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