Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Two additions to Agenda Highlights of Board

$7.9 million proposal would fund hiring of staff to implement the County’s action plan to ensure youth at probationary camps receive adequate medical care, mental health services and are protected from harm, as part of agreement with U.S. Department of Justice. (Item 11)  APPROVED MOTION  BY ANTONOVICH AND RIDLEY-THOMAS TO REPORT BACK IN 30 DAYS WITH TIMETABLE FOR HIRING STAFF, PLAN TO TRACK EXPENDITURES AND STAFF ASSIGNMENTS, AND METHOD TO MONITOR AND ASSESS EFFECTIVENESS OF PROGRAMS AND PERSONNEL IMPLEMENTED



Supervisor Gloria Molina motion seeks legislation to exempt the City of Bell’s pension override overpayment recovery from existing law, and permit and ensure it be credited to current Bell property owners in accordance with future tax allocation processes.  (Motion introduced at meeting.)   APPROVED


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