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1:40 – 2:00

Conversations with California’s congressmen and women – Rep. Loretta Sanchez

As members of Congress get ready to go back to DC after their recess ends in early September, they're preparing to deal with a number of issues. Among them are the unprecedented rate of unemployment, the continuing economic downturn, and challenges in homeland security. To top it all, mid-term elections are rapidly approaching, elections which could make or break the Democrats’ House majority. In the next few weeks, Patt talks with House representatives in a short series. Representative Loretta Sanchez is next in line to discuss the midterms, the economy, and challenges that could face Homeland Security.

Guest: Rep. Loretta Sanchez, (D-CA’s 47th District) Vice Chair of the House Committee on Homeland Security; Chair of the Subcommittee on Terrorism, Unconventional Threats, and Capabilities in the House Armed Services Committee; also a member of the Joint Economic Committee


2:00 – 2:30

Is parking in L.A. about to get easier and more AND less expensive?

The days of needing an entire roll of quarters to park on busy streets in downtown Los Angeles may soon be over. The old meters lining some of the busiest sections of downtown are about to be replaced with 10,000 new meters that accept debit and credit cards.  In some cases, the old meters required a driver to pay $8.00 in quarters to park for two hours. The city’s new Express Park pilot program includes a super, high-tech network of wireless pavement sensors capable of tracking parked vehicles in real time. A central control center will be able to determine how much time is left in the meter, if the meter is malfunctioning (no more bags over the meters), and the frequency at which cars park in a particular spot. It will also be used to help direct motorists to empty parking spots on city streets and in city-owned garages. The city also plans to implement something called “dynamic pricing," or pricing that fluctuates depending on demand - motorists will pay more to park in peak times and less when the demand isn’t as high. The parking rates will range between $1 to $4 per hour. The new program will be in effect near the Civic Center, the central business district, Chinatown and Little Tokyo.  If it goes well, will it be implemented in other cities? 



Amir Sedadi, Assistant General Manager, Department of Transportation, Office of Parking Management and Regulation



  • It’s similar to a plan in effect in San Francisco.
  • LA is teaming up with Caltrans and the LA County Metropolitan Transportation Authority using $15 million in grants from the federal Department of Transportation.
  • The city generated $33 million from parking meters in the most recent fiscal year.  It’s unclear how much the new program will generate.


Michael Manville, Ph.D. research fellow at UCLA’s Institute of Transportation Studies


  • He studies parking, transportation and Land Use at UCLA.



2:30 – 3:00

Obesity rates keep growing.  Is “Instant Recess” the answer?

Obesity rates continue to grow, and all eyes seem focused on the issue... from the First Lady, to members of Congress, to health officials and academics. The figures are staggering: 2.4 million people joined the ranks of the obese from 2007 to 2009. Currently more than a quarter (26.7%) of the US population is obese. Researchers say the culprit is too little exercise and unhealthy diets with high-calorie meals full of sugar and fat. One local health expert, who happens to be on the board of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign, has an idea, “Instant Recess”! Instead of taking cigarette breaks, why not group exercise breaks? She argues that prolonged sitting, or “activity deserts,” are a health hazard. Does being a slave to your desk create a saddle around your waste line? Would you be up for a few jumping jacks before lunch or maybe a quick run around the building (you know like Dwight Schrute did in The Office)?



Antronette Yancey, Professor, Health Services, UCLA School of Public Health, author “Instant Recess”


  • Instant Recess:  Building a Fit Nation 10 Minutes at a Time was edited by John Rabe.  It will be in stores at the end of September although the formal publication date is November 1.  


  • She is on the board responsible for enacting the First Lady’s Let’s Move initiative in Los Angeles.


  • She would like to discuss the health hazards of prolonged sitting, activity deserts, "move insecurity" and some of the strategies to address this complementary challenge.  


  • A Washington DC City Councilman is introducing legislation that will include providing employees 10-minute structured group activity breaks (Instant Recess) on paid time. She discussed the same sort of policy with Mark Ridley-Thomas and his staff re LAC employees.  She has about 20 worksites in S CA involved in her current study and several hundred worksites and schools around the state that have participated to some degree in recent years.



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