Thursday, August 19, 2010






TEMPLE Sheriff’s Station

8838 Las Tunas Avenue   

(626) 285-7171

Press Release



Thursday morning Rosemead Team deputies were conducting a follow up investigation regarding a violent gang member in the City of El Monte.  As they were returning to Rosemead, Deputies David Lopez and Steve Suarez saw an elderly woman standing on the lower Azusa Street bridge, El Monte.  Initially she appeared to be using the safety fence to perform stretching exercises .  


As they watched her she climbed over the safety fence and stood on the approximately 4" outer ledge of the bridge.  When the deputies approached the woman she turned away and extended both arms as if she was going to dive off the bridge and began to yell incoherently.  The deputies,  talking to her in calming tones, were able to convince the woman to put one of her legs back over the fence.


Before the woman could react, the deputies aced forward each grabbing one of the woman’s arms, pulling her off the ledge and back onto the safety of the bridge.


As a result of the deputies quick actions the woman was uninjured in the incident and placed safely  into protective custody by El Monte Police Department personnel.






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