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                                    AGENDA HIGHLIGHTS

                           Board of Supervisors, County of Los Angeles  


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Agenda and supporting documents:

Agenda Highlights:                                                       

        Jan. 28, 2010


Feb. 2 Agenda Highlights

(Meeting is scheduled to begin at 9:30 a.m. ) 


Radio broadcast veteran Johnny Morris, who is celebrating 45 years in the industry, is honored.


Supervisor Gloria Molina requests acceptance of $250,000 from the City of Pico Rivera to help fund the planning/design/construction of the new Pico Rivera Library. (Item 1-D)


Supervisor Don Knabe requests ordinance be prepared to address overbuilding concerns in the Cerritos Island area as outlined in recent County zoning study, and schedule Regional Planning Commission hearing on/before April 21. (Item 2)


Approval sought to pay $5,000 to person who provided information that led to the arrest/conviction of Abraham Ruben Acuna, Matthew Andrew Garcia and Victor Manuel Monge for 2002 murder of Gloria Gaxiola in Hacienda Heights. (Item 7)


Recommendation would refer back to the Chief Executive Office a proposal to implement regional gang violence reduction program in four demonstration sites.  (Item 8)


$7.5 million proposal would secure option to purchase land and building in Baldwin Park, which currently is being leased for Department of Public Health activities. (Item 9)


$4.1 million proposal would extend the Department of Public Social Services contract with QTC Medical Group, Inc., for employability screenings and medical/mental evaluation services, upping total contract to $12 million. (Item 10)


$7.3 million proposal would fund purchase of equipment for the replacement emergency room/tuberculosis unit at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center.  (Item 17)


$1.1 million proposal would fund additional work related to the Marina del Rey Boathouse Refurbishment project, upping total contract to $2.7 million. (Item 27)


$1.3 million proposal would fund various bathroom renovation projects at Enterprise Park in Athens Village, Alondra Park in El Camino Village, and Mona Park in Willowbrook; and set March 9 for bid openings.    (Item 35)


Recommendation calls for accepting work for completion of the refurbishment of fire command and dispatch project, at total construction cost of $4.8 million.  (Item 40)


Approval sought to donate surplus safety equipment to poorly equipped Mexican police agencies to assist them in terrorism/narcotics enforcement.   (Item 42)


Report scheduled on efforts to significantly reduce the amount of time that mental health services are provided to youth under care of the Department of Children and Family Services.   (Item 47)


Report scheduled on the potential impact on mental health services as a result of the pending release of inmates from state prisons.  (Item 48)


Supervisors meet in closed session to discuss class action lawsuit challenging the adequacy of the educational services provided at the Challenger Memorial Youth Center.   (Item CS-1)


Supervisors meet in closed session to discuss Katie A. federal lawsuit which alleges failure to adequately provide for foster care children.   (Item CS-2)


Supervisors meet in closed session to discuss lawsuit arising from issues regarding the assessment by the State Board of Equalization of plaintiff’s property for property tax purposes.  (Item CS-3)


Supervisors meet in closed session to discuss lawsuit arising out of claims of retaliation by Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Patrick Gomez.  (Item CS-4)


Supervisors meet in closed session to discuss lawsuit by Elizabeth and Gerry Nicks arising from allegations of medical negligence at Harbor/UCLA Medical Center.  (Item CS-5)





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