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                                    AGENDA HIGHLIGHTS

                           Board of Supervisors, County of Los Angeles  


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        Jan. 12, 2010


Final Actions: Jan. 12 Agenda Highlights

(Unless otherwise indicated, vote was 5-0.) 


Sheriff and Fire Department personnel honored for rescuing a woman and her son from burning home in East Rancho Dominguez on Dec. 13, 2009.


Report set on issues relating to transition to new LAC+USC Medical Center.  (Item S-1, 11 a.m.) RECEIVED AND FILED


$1.2 million proposal would fund contract to provide design services for the Rowland Heights Community Center project at Pathfinder Park.  (Item 1-D) APPROVED


$275,000 proposal would fund conversion of 144-unit Pasadena residential facility to increase housing for the homeless. (Item 2-D) APPROVED


Permission sought to evict five Ujima Village tenants who have not vacated the 300-unit public housing complex in Willowbrook, which is being demolished due to contamination.   (Item 3-H) APPROVED


Board asked to allow County employees to volunteer for Census efforts during Cesar Chavez Community Service Week, March 29-April 2.  (Item 2) APPROVED


Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas proposes reestablishment of $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of person(s) responsible for the 2009 murder of 18-year-old Dannie Farber, Jr.  in Compton; and establishment of $10,000 reward relating to the murder of Draysean Earl and Andrew Peppers in Compton the same month.  (Items 5, 6) APPROVED


Approval sought to ask the California Public Utilities Commission to take off-calendar Southern California Edison’s proposal to delete the option to have electrical distribution equipment installed underground, in effort to address community and aesthetic concerns.  (Item 7, cont. from 11/17/09 and 12/1/09) APPROVED, AS AMENDED BY YAROSLAVKSY AND ANTONOVICH, THAT COUNTY WILL NOT OPPOSE PROPOSAL IF EDISON HONORS ITS COMMITMENT TO MAKE CHANGES IT HAS VERBALLY AGREED TO DO


Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich requests study to establish automated early detection system and rapid, all-weather 24-hour response system to suppress forest/brush fires at source.  (Item 8) APPROVED


Action would merge Commission on Alcoholism with Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Commission.  (Items 11, 65, cont. from 12/15, 12/22) ANTONOVICH CONT. TO 1/19


$298,000 proposal would fund contract to evaluate the effectiveness of the Department of Children and Family Services casework practices, as part of the requirements of the Katie A. class action lawsuit.   (Item 15) APPROVED


$15.57 million plan would expand health clinics operated by public-private partnerships.  (Item 18) APPROVED EXCEPT PROPOSAL FOR TARZANA CLINIC, WHICH WAS CONTINUED TO 1/19


Acceptance of $600,500 grant would fund annual survey to collect data on broad range of public health issues to assist in assessing and improving the health of residents.  (Item 21) APPROVED


$330,000 proposal would fund the Whittier Narrows beautification/landscape improvement project in South El Monte.   (Item 26) APPROVED


$4.2 million proposal would fund construction of the Los Amigos Golf Course new irrigation system/lake renovation project, and award $2.5 million consulting contract.   (Item 29) APPROVED


Proposal would increase water rates by 3.8 – 23.4 percent in Malibu, Kagel Canyon, Val Verde, Acton, Antelope Valley and Marina del Rey to offset wholesale costs.  (Item 34) APPROVED


Action calls for installing fences adjacent to railroad in Florence, Willowbrook and East San Gabriel, at cost of $1 million - $1.9 million, to improve safety for pedestrians and reduce dumping of rubbish.  (Item 42) APPROVED


$294,900 proposal would provide community-based informational website to assist Sheriff’s Department and other law enforcement agencies deal with gang-related problems and prevention.  (Item 52) CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICE CONT. TO 1/19


Board asked to approve $213,916 settlement in lawsuit filed by Juan De La Rama for damage to his Calabasas home caused by a sewer main line blockage.  (Item 57) APPROVED


$142,476 settlement proposed in lawsuit filed by April Foss for damage to her Palmdale home  caused by a broken fire hydrant.  (Item 58) APPROVED


Board asked to approve $150,000 settlement in lawsuit filed by Arnulfo Prado for injuries received in a Norwalk automobile accident involving a sheriff’s deputy. (Item 59) CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICE CONT. TO 1/19


Recommendations proposed to reform the General Relief welfare program.  (Item 67, cont. from 10/20/09, 12/15/09) CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICE CONT. TO 2/9


Report scheduled on the County’s plan to deal with a worst-case H1N1 infection surge scenario.  (Item 68, cont. from 12/1/09)  RECEIVED AND FILED


Reestablishment of $10,000 reward recommended for information leading to the arrest and conviction of person(s) who killed three men and injured another as they attended a gathering for car enthusiasts at Western Avenue and Imperial Highway in 2008.  (Item 70-B) APPROVED


Supervisor Don Knabe asks Board to support efforts to reinstate state law banning possession of body armor by violent felons.  (Item 70-C)  APPROVED


Action calls for establishing a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of hit-and-run driver who killed Joo Lee in Glendale on Jan. 1.  (Item 70-D) APPROVED


Supervisors meet in closed session to discuss lawsuit by Willie Woods, who accused the Department of Children and Family Services of racial discrimination, retaliation and failure to investigate.  (Item CS-1)








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