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Non-partisan voters can cross over in primaries

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Democrats and Republicans Open Party Primaries to Unaffiliated Voters

Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk (RR/CC) Dean Logan is notifying voters that the Democratic and Republican parties have provided notice to the Secretary of State that they will allow voters registered as “Decline to State” or “Non-Partisan” to cross-over and vote on Democratic or Republican party ballots in the June 8, 2010 Statewide Primary Election.  Decline to State and Non-Partisan voters who do not wish to cross-over can vote a Non-Partisan ballot limited to statewide and local measures and non-partisan contests.

California’s “Modified Closed Primary” provides for political parties to allow “Non-Partisan” or “Decline

to State” voters to cross-over and vote in their scheduled party primary elections.  For the June 8, 2010

Statewide Primary Election the Democratic and Republican parties requested that this option be

exercised.   Secretary of State Memorandum #10032 regarding the adoption of the party rules for the

Statewide Primary Elections documents each of the party’s determination. 

Link:  Secretary of State Memorandum #10032


Logan said, “The RR/CC will inform unaffiliated voters of their ability to cross-over and participate in the parties’ primaries through our countywide voter education efforts.”

Information about cross-over options will be mailed to all unaffiliated permanent mail-in voters informing them of their options well in advance of the election.  Official sample ballot booklets, mailed to all registered voters during the weeks prior to the election will provide further instructions.  More importantly, poll workers will be trained extensively so that Decline to State and Non-Partisan voters who vote at their polling location will be aware of their options on Election Day.

Additional information for Decline to State and Non-Partisan voters will soon be available on the RR/CC

website www.lavote.net.  Voters may also call the RR/CC at 1 (800) 815-2666.

Persons requiring multilingual assistance in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Tagalog/Filipino, or Vietnamese can call (800) 481-8683.

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