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Final Actions: ApriL 21 2009 AGENDA HIGHLIGHTS


                                    AGENDA HIGHLIGHTS

                           Board of Supervisors, County of Los Angeles  


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        April 21, 2009            


Final Actions: April 21 Agenda Highlights

(Unless otherwise indicated, vote was 5-0.) 


Board honors first recipients of County’s Green Leadership Awards.


Proposal would allow Para Los Ninos to lease East Los Angeles Children’s Center for 15 years at cost of $1 per year to provide child care services to residents of East Los Angeles.   (Item 1-D) APPROVED


$11.8 million loan proposal would construct six affordable rental housing developments in Los Angeles and one in Glendale, using City of Industry redevelopment funds.  (Item 1-H) APPROVED


$3.6 million project would renovate swimming pool and pool building at Everett Martin Park in Littlerock.  (Items 1-P, 30) APPROVED


Recommendation calls for opposing legislation that would exempt the Southern California Air Quality Management District from requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act.  (Item 1, cont. from 4/14)  APPROVED 3-2 AS REVISED TO OPPOSE SB696, WITH ANTONOVICH AND KNABE OPPOSED


Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky requests support for SB 698, which would increase funding for juvenile court schools by adopting an average daily enrollment payment formula instead of average daily attendance.  (Item 6) APPROVED


Board asked to endorse SB 797, which would prohibit the manufacture, sale, and distribution of products designed for children ages 3 and younger that contain more than 0.1 parts per billion of bisphenol A. (Item 7) APPROVED


Supervisor Don Knabe proposes discounts and free lessons for junior golfers at County courses during July.  (Item 9) APPROVED


Proposal would allow County to purchase welfare office property it has leased in Pomona since 1982, valued at $7.5 million, for $1. (Item 14) APPROVED


Approval sought to appoint Stephanie Maxberry as acting ombudsman, effective April 21, at annual salary of $100,604.  (Item 15) APPROVED


New County policy proposed for the receipt and distribution of passes and tickets to, or at the behest of, County officials to meet new state requirements.  (Item 16) KNABE CONT. TO 5/12


Five-year $430.1 million proposal would extend and expand contracts to provide individualized services to foster children with psychological, behavioral or emotional problems to comply with the Katie A. Settlement Agreement and Katie A. Strategic Plan.  (Item 19) CHILDREN AND FAMILY SERVICES CONT. TO 4/28


Approval sought to award licensing agreements with 14 concessionaires/vendors to provide recreation, food services and other amenities at County beaches, and to provide food services at Burton Chace Park in Marina del Rey, with goal of generating almost $420,000 in rental income.    (Item 23) APPROVED


Board asked to accept $20,000 grant requiring match by the County for reading programs and materials at two Norwalk libraries to encourage literary reading.  (Item 26) APPROVED


$615,900 proposal would fund a multi-use trail improvement project at Indian Falls/Spring Estates area in north San Fernando Valley. (Item 27) APPROVED


Supervisors asked to approve project, estimated to cost between $3.9 - $5.4 million, to replace water main in Topanga Canyon, providing more reliable water supply system. (Item 29) APPROVED


$750,000 proposal would fund stormwater-related scientific studies in effort to improve stormwater management techniques and improve water quality standards.  (Item 31) APPROVED


Proposal would increase funding MTA pays for the Hollywood Bowl Park-and-Ride by $325,000, decreasing the amount the County pays from $620,311 to $295,311.  (Item 32) APPROVED


Approval sought to reallocate $230,000 to purchase a modular building, instead of a mobile clinic as previously planned, to serve as a temporary spay/neuter clinic for the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter.  (Item 34) APPROVED


Acceptance of $250,000 grant would fund portion of cost to repave unincorporated roadways using rubberized asphalt cement containing material from recycled waste tires.   (Item 35) APPROVED


Board asked to reject all bids for construction of a new $7.3 million fire station in Santa Clarita, and set May 7 for bid reopening.  (Item 44) APPROVED


$200,000 settlement proposed in lawsuit filed by Julio Kollerbohm  seeking compensation for injuries received in a car accident involving an employee of the Sheriff’s Department.  (Item 47) APPROVED


$132,283 settlement proposed in claim seeking compensation for damages to hospital equipment owned by County contractor InSight Health Corporation. (Item 48) APPROVED


$125,000 settlement proposed in lawsuit filed by Peter Tuiasosopo that alleged that the Probation Department failed to engage in an interactive process or provide reasonable accommodation for an employee with disabilities.  (Item 49)  COUNTY COUNSEL CONT. TO 5/12


Board to consider 2009-10 proposed County budget, and set May 13 for public hearing.  (Item 57) APPROVED, WITH MOTIONS SUBMITTED BY EACH SUPERVISOR


Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich  asks for regular reports on status of review of 14 child fatality cases from 2008, including any disciplinary action taken against employees.  (Item 58-A)



Board in closed session discusses Katie A. federal lawsuit alleging failure to adequately provide for foster care children.   (Item CS-2, cont. from 4/14)


Supervisors meet in closed session to discuss lawsuit arising from allegations of discrimination brought by Dr. Javendra Shah, an employee of the Department of Health Services. (Item CS-3) COUNTY COUNSEL CONT. TO 5/12


Board in closed session consider candidates for executive director of the Community Development Commission.  (Item CS-5)



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