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The Sound of Freedom

Easter Sunday, 70 years ago, the Daughters of the American Revolution barred black singer Marian Anderson from their 1939 Constitution Hall concert. After First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt publicly revoked her DAR membership, Anderson took the stage on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in front of 75,000 and woke America up to the harsh reality of racial prejudice and inequality in the country with “My Country Tis of Thee.” We remember her legacy, punctuated by the year we elected our first African American president.


Raymond Arsenault, author of The Sound of Freedom

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True Mom Confessions

When Romi Lassally started the blog two years ago, she had no idea it would generate so much buzz: the confessions rushed in—from not feeling like cleaning up vomit in the middle of the night, to barking something utterly inappropriate at the children, to one mother who admitted she hadn't yet taught her kids how to tell time so she could say it was bedtime anytime. Romi is here with a look at the hidden secrets—and dark humor—of motherhood.



Romi Lassally, founder of, founding editor of the Lifestyles section of The Huffington Post, and author of True Mom Confessions: Real Moms Get Real



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